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Lucky 63 Bet Explained: What Is It? How To Place Lucky 63 Bet?

Lucky 63 bet is one of the various full cover betting options available for punters. As part of this betting system, punters will be choosing six selections that will be combined together to form various bets, which will be treated individually. Since they act as the form of a separate bet, a £1 Lucky 63 bet refers to a total stake of £63. A single bet in the system would include a range of bets. They are:

  • 6 singles bet
  • 15 double bets
  • 20 treble bets
  • 15 fourfold bets
  • 6 fivefold bets
  • 1 six-fold bet

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This system is almost identical to the Heinz bet with the difference being the availability of six singles. The Heinz bet comes with 57 separate bets rolled into one, but the biggest disadvantage is the lack of singles. However, the addition of singles bet is the key difference when it comes to a punter about to calculate Lucky 63 bet returns. The primary reason for this bet coming with the tagline of ‘lucky’ is the availability of bonuses from bookmakers should anyone of the selection become successful.

Lucky 63 Example

This betting system comes with a combination of several bets that make it possible for the punter to reap some rich returns if most of the selections turn out to be right. However, a £1 Lucky 63 bet refers to a total stake of £63 since this betting system takes each combination bet on a separate basis. If a punter has chosen six selections, they would be presented with the option to go with this betting system.

Let us consider that the individual is looking to bet on six different horses in six different events at the Cheltenham Festival. For the sake of easy calculation, the odds for each horse to win has been offered at 4.0 and the winner bonus is at 25%. If the punter manages to get all six selections right, they stand to get a total return of £19,530. The Lucky 63 in horse racing happens to be the most rewarding, as it can provide huge wins as in this case.

How to Work out a Lucky 63 Bet?

'How to work out a lucky 63 bet' inscription over the grass field with a ball

A punter has the possibility of going with this betting system once they choose six different selections. Now, the option for ‘multiples’ opens up on the screen and an individual can choose anything from trebles to the Lucky 63 bet in order to start a wager. At the same time, the size of the bet can also be decided. It should be remembered that one wager gets multiplied by 63 in the case of this system. Hence, a 50p bet refers to a total stake of £31.5 while a bet of £1 refers to a total of £63 in bets.

Irrespective of the sport, this betting system works in a similar way. Hence, the Lucky 63 football bet will be similar in working to a bet on horse racing. In order to win any one of the singles bet, it is enough for the selection alone to become successful as it does not depend on other selections. However, the combination bets are tricky as they require all the selections in the combination to become successful. It is one of the aspects that increases the overall risk of this system. The treble is capable of providing big wins while managing to stay relatively risk-free since only three selections are involved.

An individual can dream and calculate Lucky 63 higher victories with the aid of the bigger combination bets like the fourfold, fivefold, and sixfold. The punter stands to receive two types of bonuses when opting for this betting system. Bookmakers are likely to offer an all winner bonus, which is likely to be at around 25%. This would significantly impact on the overall returns if all the selections turn out to be winners. Likewise, there is also a bonus for losing one of the six selections. Both these bonuses have the ability to increase the odds on the return quite substantially.

What Does Lucky 63 Mean in Betting?

'What Does Lucky 63 Mean in Betting?' inscription with the photo of the stadium in the background

This Lucky 63 bet is a full coverage bet that can provide huge wins. It may not be surprising to see a punter make more than twice the stake if they are successful to a minimum extent. The Heinz bet might seem an attractive option in terms of offering a lower stake, but it can be quite risky due to the lack of singles bet. Their presence in the Lucky 63 bet means that a punter can avoid total loss if just one of the selection manages to come good.

However, the real star of the show could be the six-fold accumulator bets that can provide mammoth wins even on relatively smaller odds. This bet would be bringing together all the possible outcomes under one bet. If the individual is making the right selections, they could be looking at an extremely respectable returns. Since there are plenty of fourfold and fivefold accumulators, an individual also needs to do proper research before placing a bet. The higher risk of this type of betting is largely down to these combination bets.

A punter will be presented the option to go with a Lucky 63 bet at the time of choosing six selections. Once they become aware of the highest stake that they would have to put in and the risks involved, the bookmaker accepts the bet at the prescribed odds. Even if just one selection succeeds, it can result in a return. However, since there are several other combination bets that also form part of the Lucky 63 bet, that single section has to be substantially high in order to avoid any losses. An extremely long odd of 32/1 is essential for a single selection eliminate any losses caused by other selections failing in this betting system.

The Lucky 63 bet obtains the name from the bonuses provided by the bookmakers. It is similar to the nomenclature adopted with regard to the Lucky 15 and Lucky 31 bets.

A major advantage of this betting system happens to be the returns, which are multiplied several fold even on reasonable odds. If a punter manages to get three out of the six selections right, they would be able to achieve huge wins that would simply not be possible in the case of three single bets succeeding out of six. At the same time, the disadvantage happens to be the highest stake and subsequently the higher risk. Lucky 63 bet is available at all popular bookmakers.

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