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Ten Pin Bowling betting oddsThis is the usual bowling that we all know and love playing. It involves a player rolling a ball across a wooden lane with the objective of hitting all of the pins - an action which is referred to as a strike. The game dates back as far as 3200 BC thanks to evidence of pins and balls being found in 1930.

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Brief History

Since then the game continued to be played in Germany as a nine pin game, before nine pin games were introduced to America during the colonial times. Since then, the game advanced to the recent nine pin game, with three finger holes drilled on the balls which are of different weights. Therefore, people of all ages can play it and ten pin bowling betting takes place.


The ten pin version of bowling has become a favorite sport not only at the advanced international level, but also as a pass indoor game. The game generally has four rounds each called a frame. When playing the game and the first ball kicks all the pins down, this is referred to as a strike, making ten pin bowling predictions difficult.

If one or a couple of the balls are left standing, the player rolls the ball to compete against the best in indoor bowling sport. There are many different world events where players play and compete for a top prize such as WTBA World Championships that are held by the World Tenpin Bowling Association since its inception in 1954. Ten Pin Bowling tips always vary depending upon the competition that takes place - and, most importantly - upon the location.


Betting on the different players in a Ten Pin Bowling competition is a common occurrence thanks to ten pin bowling odds. It is often difficult to figure out who the winner will be given that there are many new players who are emerging every day that play like pros.

However, if you keep following a lot of these games, you may be able to pick up a name or two of some of the top players who would be a safe bet to place. Our experts to their best to scour the web for the latest information on injuries and other data, and they always keep our readers updated.


We give you access to a wide array of competitions and show live ten pin bowling betting odds that you can use to better your strategy. The Weber Cup is the most popular bowling competition that most gamblers enjoy to bet on since it is quite easy to predict the winner once the list of players has been confirmed. OdAs soon as you know there is a bowling event coming up, just place your bet on your favorite players to win.