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Equestrian betting oddsEquestrian is simply professional horseback riding. The name is derived from Latin words Equester, equestr equus – horseman and horse. It is about the art of riding and steeplechasing with horses across differed courses. Horses are usually trained for these races long before they happen so that they are able to properly execute the challenges gracefully.

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Equestrian sports have been amongst the oldest sports in the world with origins in ancient Egypt and Greece. It has come a long way since then with several avenues like horse racing, polo, and show jumping springing up. Each are unique in their own way, but they are united by the perennial interest amongst bookmakers. There is never a shortage of equestrian betting offers and it is regarded as one of the popular avenues of betting. Horses are the key aspect that determine the probability of winning and it is a good idea to check on the form of a horse before placing the bet.

Brief History

It is not exactly clear when the use of horses started for competitions but the first recordings have to be in 3500 BC in Dnieper River that showed people used horses. Horses have generally played a great part in the development of different human societies and development of equestrian betting. The horses first got to America in 1493 during the second voyage of American explorers.

Throughout the years people have been using horses not only as a means of transport but also to compete in major events such as horse racing which comes in various names and forms. This sport was first featured at the Olympics in 1900. In addition, Equestrian world competitions did not start until very recently when riders decided to give it a try.


It involves the horse carrying a rider called jockey across an obstacle course. The competitions are under the International Federations for Equestrian Sports that is in charge of seeing that the competitions are held without any issues and give useful equestrian betting tips. The sport has received a lot of criticisms from lovers of animals but it has still managed to grow to the hug sport it is today.


Horse racing events are some of the most betted on events in the whole world as both pros and amateurs love to check statistics and figure out how to win. The best way to learn who will win is too look at the running records of participating teams and this will help you understand the equestrian betting predictions. Out website is actually a platform that boasts many features and you should start betting right away since it's one of the best in terms of equestrian odds. Our bookmaker partners are some of the best and our experts cover daily events at major racecourses in the United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States.


The gambling site will always keep you up to date on what is happening and things you need to note as the competition dates are getting close. Having prior knowledge about the game and equestrian betting odds may help you win a lot of money when betting on the various events but if you are an amateur, do not get discouraged as you may get lucky soon. Winnings are confirmed immediately and so are payments meaning you do not have to wait long for your account to be credited.

Royal Ascot week, Kentucky Derby, Olympia Horse Show, and Olympics are some of the hugely popular equestrian sporting events. Punters can be able to rejoice from a large number of betting odds especially during these events. We come to the rescue by presenting odds from numerous bookmakers in one place. This eliminates the need to fish around for the best betting offers, thus saving time that can come in handy to celebrate the winning bets.