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Greyhounds betting oddsGreyhound racing is one of the top sports when it comes to gambling, even though it may not enjoy the same levels of popularity when it comes to spectatorship. One of the great things about greyhound racing is that there is a large number of races taking place every week and this presents bookmakers with a lot of opportunities to cater to greyhound betting scenario. There is a greater frequency of races and this coupled with the potential for large victories mean that punters often opt for Yankee or Lucky 15 type greyhound derby odds.

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Bookmakers do not seem limited by distances as they offer greyhound derby betting offers around the world. ‘How to bet on dog racing?’ would be the question on the lips of many newbies, as they may see a large number of punters taking advantage of greyhound odds to collect sizeable wins.

Types of Odds and Bets

Some of the popular types of greyhound betting are straight bet, place, show, and across the board. Straight bets are seen as the easiest and most popular ways to play on dog racing. Greyhound betting tips will help punters predict the position of a dog and the potential winners. Victory is simply a result of the predicted outcome coming true.

Place bets are to predict a specific dog managing a top two finish. Even though it is relatively safe compared to straight bets, the payout is often low. Show ones are even lower in terms of pay off since it is predicting a dog managing a top three finish.


Greyhound racing betting odds are available throughout the year, but it is recommended that new punters choose major events since the variety of odds available will also be higher. Some of the major events with regard to greyhound racing are Greyhound Night of Stars, The English Derby, and Irish Derby. They take place in the United States, England, and Ireland respectively.


Greyhound betting system rewards those who research and know their dog extremely well just like a research in other sports before placing money. Greyhound betting site will provide detailed statistical information about each dog going into an event. Researching on the animals and track can give punters the edge in the game. Dog racing betting options may be available in plenty, but it is up to punters to take advantage of them to earn sizeable wins.


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