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Chess betting oddsChess is known to be to be one of the most famous mind-sports in the world. It is a game that requires two players and a chessboard with 16 pieces each: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops and eight pawns. Each of the pieces has a restricted pattern of moving and the player must ensure that they follow this rule while playing.

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It is believed that chess has its roots in India and that it originated from an Indian game called chaturanga. Then it spread to Spain and finally, in the 19th century the rules were written and standardized.

Modern Day Game

The game’s governing body is known as FIDE which organizes the World Chess Championships, Women’s World Chess Championship, World Junior Championship, World Senior Championship and the Chess Olympiad.

Recently there have been developed online amateur and professional competitions which are yet to get proper recognition in most parts of the world. There are different titles for the winners with the highest being the Grandmaster who is the ultimate pro, and this is practically the safest way to bet on chess.

Furthermore, this is a recognized sport of the International Olympic Committee and was included in the Asian Games in 2010. There has also been the development of computer software and applications that play chess making playing the game online very fun.

Types of Chess Bets Available

The most common bet is the one where you wager on who will win a certain match, which is normally a three-way bet in chess. You can easily bet on the game ending in a draw or on either player to beat out the other. It's hard to predict the outcome, but here are some edges you can use. You can bet on the individual games as to what opening move will be or if the total number of moves will be under or over a specific threshold. This should make things easier.

Betting and Winning

In all the major chess competitions there is usually chess betting where fans watch closely and hope that their favorite players will win, which ultimately means a win for them. There are many companies that offer betting sites for players, but if you want the best site just stick to this place.

Our online chess betting odds for all the major championships that take place all over the world can help you win huge amounts.

Get the best chess tips and the best odds for chess that you will not find anywhere else online. This just makes it better for you to bet and increase your bankroll. To be able to make correct predictions of the games and win, you need to be aware of all the top players in the game since this will help you to assess and decide who you will wager on. The site offers you latest news of the players in preparation for the tournament which guarantees you an easy win.

Note: the World Championship and the Chess Olympiad are the two biggest events you can bet on, and they boast the best betting opportunities. Online chess betting is amazing if you know where to bet, so stay around and get our free tips.