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Grand Slam: US Open Betting Odds in December 2023

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US Open odds comparison

US Open Tournament – What Is It?

The US Open is one of the most important tennis competitions in the world. Its roots go back over a century, and today it brings together the very best players from all corners of the globe. While it has taken place on a variety of different court types over the years, today’s competition makes use of hard courts. It’s also the only Grand Slam tournament that makes use of a tiebreaker in every set of a match. The contest takes place on the last Monday of August, lasting two weeks into September and coinciding with the Labour Day weekend holiday. This makes it one of the best loved sporting competitions in the US. Every year, sporting fans gather in New York to enjoy this unique tournament, and there’s no shortage of US Open odds on offer, including women’s odds.

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OddsDigger Collates the Latest US Open Betting Odds from Across the Internet

Fans looking for odds have a huge variety of choices on hand. The most standard kind of wager is on winner odds, which means that you are simply trying to win on the back of the outcome of a single match. With outright US Open tennis odds, you can bet on US Open final. Over/under odds allow you to place a wager on certain statistics of the match, such as the number of sets played. And you can put together an accumulator bet, which allows you to string together multiple different legs into US Open betting lines. If your wager goes through, you stand to pocket impressive rewards. With a US Open odds comparison, you can check all the available options.

Use the Best Online Bookmakers Available

There are many different choices on hand when it comes to US Open tennis betting. These days, the most reliable place to wager is an online bookmaker. There’s a huge amount of different options available, and many brick and mortar businesses now run an online branch as well. One of the biggest ones around at the moment is William Hill. While they may not have the very best offers, they do tend to have an extremely wide selection of US Open tennis betting odds. Betfair are another great choice, mainly because of their betting exchange option. This facility allows sporting fans to set their own odds and place wagers with other punters, without making use of the bookmaker. Betfair do take a small percentage of the outcome, but for the most part, you’re able to enjoy custom bets with other fans.