E-Sports Betting Odds

Tuesday 17 October 2017
Dota 2 / ProDota Cup 1 2
14:45 Double Dimension vs No Creativity All Odds
15:45 SFT vs Rocket Scientists All Odds
Counter Strike GO / World Cyber Arena 1 2
16:00 Team EnVyUs vs Space Soldiers All Odds
Counter Strike GO / ESL Pro League 1 2
18:00 FaZe Clan vs GODSENT All Odds
18:00 Ninjas in Pyjamas vs BIG All Odds
19:10 BIG vs Ninjas in Pyjamas All Odds
19:10 GODSENT vs FaZe Clan All Odds
20:20 G2 Esports vs Heroic All Odds
20:20 Fnatic vs North All Odds
21:30 Heroic vs G2 Esports All Odds
21:30 North vs Fnatic All Odds
Wednesday 18 October 2017
Counter Strike GO / ESL Pro League 1 2
00:00 Ghost vs SK Gaming All Odds
00:00 Counter Logic Gaming Academy vs Luminosity Gaming All Odds
01:10 SK Gaming vs Ghost All Odds
01:10 Luminosity Gaming vs Counter Logic Gaming Academy All Odds
02:20 Misfits vs Team Liquid All Odds
02:20 Team Liquid vs Misfits All Odds
03:30 NRG vs Rogue All Odds
03:30 Rogue vs NRG All Odds
Counter Strike GO / ESEA North America 1 2
02:30 GX vs Naventic All Odds

Traditional betting has largely focused on sports like eSports, rugby, and American eSports. However, bookmakers are starting to realise that they need to cater to a new generation of growing sports fans, who have a big presence in the virtual world. eSports may have come about only recently, but there is already a growing interest in eSports betting. eSports refers to the conglomeration of a professional player who competes in first person shooter, fighting, or even online battle arena sports.

Popularity of eSports

The eSports are especially popular amongst the younger age group, which may also express their interest in virtual sports betting done online rather than traditional forms of betting. South Korea is where it all began for eSports, as the country began giving licenses to pro-gamers during the start of the century. The penetration of broadband earlier than other Asian countries is one of the factors that led to the rise of professional gamers. Initially, there were only 10 tournaments but it has now swelled to 260, thus providing a strong platform for bookmakers to offer ways to bet on eSports.

Even though it began in South Asian countries, the popularity of the virtual sports tournaments has truly spread on a global level with North America and Europe also having their own tournaments.


Just like in the case of normal sport, there are also popular games in eSports with the likes of League of Legends, FIFA, Call of Duty, and World of Tanks receiving the biggest interest. It is easily deducible from the fact that bookmakers specifically offer League of Legends betting solutions for punters who follow eSport tournaments.


Many eSport betting sites today offer opportunities to place money on individuals or teams doing well in a specific tournament. However, since the concept of virtual games as a real option to bet has come about only recently and there is still a lot of scepticism amongst experienced punters about the finer details of eSport bet.

As of now, bookmakers do not present a lot of depth when it comes to betting opportunities on eSports. In the future, however, one can expect a significant rise in terms of eSport bets as it continues to gain traction. Aspects like being able to protect margin of victory, current scores, and more will be available at a later stage. At present, though, it is possible to find individual games backed by the likes of League of Legends odds.


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