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Pool betting oddsAlso known as pocket billiards, pool in the group of cue sports and games. It involves six pockets which are the holes that one hits the balls towards, which is basically what the game is about. There are many variations of pool games such as eight-ball (blackball variation), nine-ball (ten and seven ball variation), and straight pool, one-pocket and bank pool games.

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Pool started as a game that was played by everyone in the past, both the noble and commoners. It changed from a simple lawn game to croquet around the 15th century in parts of northern France. The game was then moved to an indoor game on a wooden table with simple borders placed on the edges and sticks called maces were used to shove the balls. This is where the name billiard originated from.

Development to Modern Day Pool

After the 1800 industrial revolution, the playing equipment evolved very fast into more of what we know today. The cue with a tip was developed and chalk used to increase the friction between the ball and the cue. It was not long until in the 1950s the international pool tournaments started being held and it became a very huge game in Europe and America as well with the introduction of pool betting.

The most common billiard game played today is eight ball which is basically played with all the 15 balls. National and international tournaments are held by the governing body which is the World Pool- Billiard Association with the help of continental association in all the continents.


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