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Betting Guidelines

Before making a bid, pay special attention and analyze the sporting event

When it comes to betting, there is no magic bullet or miracle rules which can help you constantly win a lot. But if you want to be a permanent member of the professional sports betting world, this article is for you, performing useful advice.

When betting on your favorite team, the rule of thumb is to consider stamina and physical condition going back to at least six matches.

Follow some rules to enhance bidding efficiency

Always prepare analysis of a desired event, especially those factors that can increase your bet before the match. Consider both teams’ previous matches, the mood of the players, injuries, career, weather, exchange of information and all events which surrounded the match. Remember, every detail is important.

Bid smart

You often want to bet on a team because you think you know everything about them, or simply because they are your favorite. Bet smart instead, which means to try to rule out all emotional factors, when deciding not to let yourself to be influenced by external factors. When betting, better stay sober, and ditch those emotions. This is the cornerstone of successful sports betting.

Be independent

Attention and independence are critical in this industry. These two factors are the key to success. You can not win if you cannot remember to evaluate all the data that can affect your strategy, or which can take you to success.

The above “rules” can increase your chances of winning significantly. If you belong to that group of people who cannot stay away from other people’s opinion, and think the success is simply a matter of luck, it will be difficult to comply with our advice. However, you will need to replenish your account quite often.

Final conclusion? Bet smart. Remember: this is not the industry, where you’ll be a millionaire in one day.

Bidders who are looking to become professional players (in long term) should know that there is no magic formula, no “inside secret”. There are some simple principles and methods that can be used to increase the chances of winning. Our advice is to create your betting system, a management system that ensures you put your money in with more trust.

The secret in the betting world is discipline

When you enter the world of gambling, you should examine yourself and see how well you stick with discipline. It is vital that you create a money management program to match your way of thinking. Extraordinary discipline and patience are virtues. Successful management methods are needed to bet more money when you win and less when you lose.

All successful players have a tight schedule

If you do not have the discipline to go through the program, you can say goodbye to big gains, because sooner or later without a management system it is impossible to win over extended periods of time.

Why most bidders lose

It is a world globalized concept that betting a lot will make you to lose money. It’s common knowledge that 90% of players will lose money during a year, but that does not stop people from betting. When most lose money and go home, there is always someone waiting in line to take their place.

Money management

Players lose money mostly not because they have bad picks, but because of bad money management systems. There are many people who just give their opinion, but management system is the key.

If you bet $10 on one match and $100 on another, now that’s a sure way to find yourself with your bank account empty, and when you bet 50% of your bank account on one match that’s a certain recipe for disaster. Yes, it happens to win a few games when betting more than you should, but you eventually lose, and you will face difficulties.

Doubling after gains or losses is another recipe for disaster, and is a common mistake that many players make, including those professionals who have been betting for years.

Professional players are dominated by control, patience and discipline. The colossal sums of money in this industry are won by people who know when to stop, draw a line to see what they have accumulated and analyze the details which have not worked properly.

The key is discipline

For betting player is vital to know when to stop and when they should draw the line. Often, in the mad rush to recover the lost money quickly, we take other bets extorting money literally. This is obviously the biggest problem for most bettors.

How often have you lost because “reacted”?

You have to act, not react. Whenever you lose a match in the championship, you fall into a financial hole and then you make things worse by placing more bets just to try to regain what you lost. That is the common mistake.

You’re not driven by logic but driven by emotions and in this industry this is wrong. That’s how you lose.

Do not fall into the trap of emotions

Choose the games that you want to bet on, place your bet, then stay away, detached. Don’t create unnecessary problems, and do not try to win back by placing a bet that even you at first did not want to place.

Do not continue foolishly by placing a bet on the second half when you have already lost the first half. This is the hardest rule to follow, because it goes against nature and principles. But if you want to win, especially on long-term basis and consistently, be patient and give attention to logic and emotion, see the way in which the game takes place.

“Stay away” rule applies to pre-game time

The above mentioned rule applies to this case as well. If you wake up in the morning and look for consistent matches to bet, but nothing is pointed out, then do not bet. Let’s face it, those who create the odds are good at what they do. But if you cannot find a match with a rate you like, take a day off and start again tomorrow.

Probably one of the least understood aspects of successful sports betting is related to money management. It is important when you want to have a good season. It is clear that everyone usually chooses his or her favorite teams with chances to win, but not everyone knows, how to manage money in a manner to maximize profits and minimize losses.

First ingredient

When it comes to effective money management system the first ingredient is to establish a fund strictly for wagering. Often associated with a certain bank account, this fund should be money that you can afford to lose, and should not include money for rent, bills, or set aside money for a child’s education.

If you cannot afford to lose, do not bet

It is as simple as it sounds. Wait until your financial situation improves to the point, where you can afford to lose some money, then it’s time to get into this industry.

European Championships and league games will not go anywhere, horses will still be there, waiting for you to bet on them, whether they will be next week or next year.

First step

Once the bank account looks better, you are ready to begin planning the assault on Sports Betting and the first step is to determine how high the stakes are. The method most preferred by professional gamblers involves the use of a certain percentage of the bank account for each bet. This method is also called Kelly criterion and almost all levels in betting money management work using a variation of Mr. Kelly.

Criterion Kelly

Kelly criterion was developed in 1956 by Edward L. Kelly, a physicist at AT & T Bell Laboratories. Kelly’s original concept was developed for the races, but can be applied to all types of betting, including stocks and blackjack. Kelly’s method is a mathematical formula that uses a percentage of the bank account to bet on an event to maximize profits, based on probability. The formula looks more complex than it is and can be defined by three simple steps.

Calculate the probability of winning your bet (eg. 56%).

Decrease the likelihood of losing (100% -56% = 44%) of the previously obtained number.

The new number is divided by the share match.

The final number is the percentage, that you should run every game to gain long-term profit.

Successful and long-term bets, or the so-called “investment” requires total dedication. There is no easy way – just a lot of work with many ups and downs. Betting an entire season is like a marathon, not a 100-meters race. Sports Betting offers you available fundamentals to increase win rates.

Balanced matches may be deceptive

A secret of this kind of games is that you have absolutely no guarantee or idea who will be the winner. A derby match or a semi-final or final quarters of European Cups, for example, gives you a good premise from which you can start.

The idea is that when you bet on matches in diverse championships, you can take notes with teams’ development and all the factors that influence your win or failure – injuries, players, psychology, financial situation of the team, weather, terrain, news media, and so on.

Do side bets to cover a possible failure

Derby matches and matches that are played at high stakes are more dangerous than normal league championship games. It is a total gamble, you can not research too much, just because there are many variables and they are changing rapidly.

Differences between teams and championships

The evolution of a team in a championship can be opposite to the evolution in UEFA, for example. At first it can be easy to guess the winner, but the odds can be low, while the second count is higher and sometimes the stakes offered do not justify the risk. A quota of 2 is much weaker than one of 4 that you can only get by clicking elsewhere, don’t ever forget that.

When you place a bet on modest teams, you have more chances to get a good underdog. Yes, the risk is present on any bet, but remember to cover yourself with another bet if you put all your money on a balanced match. Often, the share is very small and does not justify the decision. Try to analyze the situation three times before taking a decision which you can regret shortly after.

When it comes to betting, it’s essential to keep your control – whether you win or lose 10 times in a row. Besides, it is vital to take nothing for granted when it comes to the world of gambling. Nothing is certain. No suggestion, idea or carefully developed analysis can give you certainty about the decision you make when placing a bet.

Bets are a challenge for many of us and we must be realistic when it comes to this. We must accept that we can not always make a profit or an enormously gain. Furthermore, we try to analyze enormous details until we decide which game is more “secure”. But that’s the problem.

Nothing is 100% certain

To win, many gamblers use different strategies and try to get as much information about the events, about the teams that play in their weak or strong form. In any case, this is the world of gambling, because a gambler must accept the risk and face a possible loss. Chin up and move on. You cannot bet if you don’t resist to the constant stress of knowing, that any time you can lose huge amounts of money.

Betting is a world of extremes

Nothing is certain, that’s why never bet all the money that you have.

We recommend you to place bets with amounts representing 5% – 10% of the total that you have available. Many gamblers and sports betting addicts can’t do that, and they live under the impression that some matches are safe. They are in search of quick gains and place high bets.

Now that you’ve got excellent advice about how to bet carefully, practice your new skill on Sports Betting and win!

A sentence that walks through the world of gambling, and should be taken seriously. Do not bet if it affects your health. Everyone reacts differently to the emotions, caused by the massive loss of money, and a good control of your emotions is a must-have when you set yourself for this sport.

If you know, that you are a person, who hardly accepts bad news, and can’t take too much on a short notice, betting is not for you. Just because losing is inevitable in this world.

Sports bets are like stock exchange

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but the main objective should be the consistency and longevity. Think of it like of a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s worth mentioning, that if you want to be deep in the world of betting making money, you have to treat this as a job. This can’t be a hobby and you can’t come in “the business” for only half a measure. Every game is a small business, where you’ll give everything you can or you don’t. It’s your decision to make.

Very often, even if you thoroughly analyze the matches, you lose. It is the time when you are not allowed to crack, both mentally, and physically.

Careful consideration may increase your earnings

If you know you have health issues and accept the outcome hardly when the final results don’t match your expectations, then perhaps you should analyze and calculate the bet more carefully. Create a standard betting amount and do not ever increase the amount you wager.

Sports Betting industry believes, that if you bet 5 to 10% of the budget you have on a single game and stick to this principle. In this case you will not have negative surprises and your health will not suffer.

Entering into the betting business without knowing much about the teams, terms and circumstances means that come inside a bad business. That means you get out of the equation very quickly, if you’re not careful.

If you want to become a true member of the sports betting industry, this article is for you. This sports betting tips are all about “smart gambling”, so let’s help you specialize in certain games / matches / leagues / tournaments.

Things are much more delicate than it seems at first sight when it comes to betting of all kinds. There is no one to teach exactly what to do. Thus, you cannot make it “safe” in the industry of gambling, an uncertain world, but there are very good ways to increase your chances of winning, so as to minimize the chances of losing.

When it comes to betting, there’s no magic formula

We, at Sports Betting, seek to educate a certain group of punters on our platform. Therefore, we write now about thorough analysis you need to do before placing a bet.

You cannot beat the unknown

It is an essential principle in life. You cannot get a job unless you know “the inside info”. To evolve you have to read, research, analyze matches and championships. Once you do all this, only then can you say that your chances of winning are high.

It is vital for you to see the evolution of football teams you want to bet on, for example. If you bet on a horse race, read news on Google about those animals, see what’s new and how things develop. If you bet on a tennis player, seek information about his morale, recent training, gains / wins, impressions.

Do not bet on a game when odds change too frequently

If you like a game that boasts certain odds, and just two hours ago you saw something different, then stay away. There is a chance that you thought this was your bet. Bettors will tell you that they have their own limits when it comes to these things. Actually, there are certain differences you have to accept, but we recommend using a proper guidance system. Determine how much you let that imaginary line of change move forward.

The basic rule is to not bet large amounts of money early in the season. Wait at least 6 stages until teams can be analyzed better. This decision will be better for your success. Extrapolating this idea, we can say that it is better to carefully calculate wagers based on experience and documenting a particular championship / league.

On a global scale, bets are gaining more and more ground. Football is one of the most popular sports and education is very important in this regard. Thus, a thorough documentation and analysis agenda with precise details of matches: injuries, weather, terrain, moral of players will help you a lot. This is very important for success in betting.

Match analysis is essential

There will always be a large percentage of surprises when it comes to any sport and any bet, but it never hurts to look over stats and do your homework, as they say. Take a football match that you consider for placing a bet. Have you checked the teams likely to be on the pitch, the players, their morale? Do you know something about the referee and how easily it gives the cards? What is the history of the two teams – what happened in the past?

It’s always better to wait a while before making big bets in a championship. It’s better to wait to see what is the overall progress of the team. Usually, as their start is, so will be the whole season.

Know that you can’t always win

Successful gamblers set a target of 57-60% betting success in a season. Everything above is a welcome bonus. Knowledge of the betting teams and results (either positive or negative) tend to go in cycles.

When you know how to adjust your wagers, you can only win. It should be mentioned that professional punters have three positive characteristics: knowledge, skills and patience. They just make the difference between a winning and a losing bet.

The truth is, there is only one proven way to win consistently – to retain control and not to move the barrier that gives you the impression that if you win X amount, you win 100 times the X amount in the next 3 hours. Your brain can be fooled easily, so watch out.

Stick to your budget, even if you lose

Whether you consider yourself a professional and know more details about the evolution of the game that you bet on, do not exceed the budget that you have allocated for a specific day / number of bets. Do not forget that you did this on purpose..

Develop a betting system

Our recommendation is to bet the same amount on every game played within a certain range. This will bring up a series of conflicting ideas among bettors, but it is a common mistake among “social” or “weekend” bettors. Even if you like a game more than the others, even if you have a favorite team, or even if two matches have great bets, do not ruin it with different betting system. When you bet $100 on a match, but only $5 on another, then your system is not working properly.

It’s obvious that betting $100 could land you a great return, but how many times has this happened? How many times have you fallen into a “pit” of financial hurdles? This can fall very hard for some people, they have too much debt to tackle when or after they gamble. Because of this, our main recommendation is the following: do not bet more than you have! It’s incredible how well this works, but you need to control your emotions.

Is there a perfect betting system?

There is no effective system when it comes to your money. You have to have optimal control, and not bet more than you can afford. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not a successful player.

When you know how the progress in some championships should look like, you have more chances to calculate the final score – so you have more chances of winning. When betting on matches in cups or playing games at a whole new level – the stakes are much higher and one should more accurately analyze the details.

Our recommendation is to bet on more matches that you know. Bet on matches which are in popular soccer leagues that you’ve “studied” before, that’s the only way to get great results.

Don’t bet on matches you haven’t heard of

Generally, bet on league games where your skills are quite vast. Matches in European Cups can be very misleading. Therefore, our recommendation is to specialize in certain leagues and championships. When you check out new leagues, make proper research.


Take some notes with all the elements that you believe deserve to be put into the equation for winning. Choose a championship and notes about each team – last matches (wins, losses), the morale of the players, injuries, changes in coaching, location matches (home or away), weather, backup players.

Seek for developments and factors that contribute to the final result. When the championship goes normally, you can decide easily who are the teams, who are favorites, and who must give everything they can to win (so-called “underdogs”).

You can bet a lot easier knowing details about each team.


To become professional in this industry you need to document every details related. You have to put in place a set of rules to follow and to control yourself when it comes to placing too large bets or on not-so-well-researched matches. Practice your betting skills and win fabulous sums following our tips!

One of the most important elements of a strong performance in the betting industry is learning from mistakes. It’s called experience and is the only thing that can actually help you grow in this field. Learn from lost matches to know what to do next. Control your emotions, do your homework, analyze the details and move on.

Sports Betting offers you key tips to help you enhance your gambling winnings. Now you get advice from professionals in this industry, so know that proper education is the most important thing here.

Turning professional

Maybe you are looking for a way to transform ‘occasional bets’ into a professional activity, but you have to understand: as far it’s not a hobby anymore, it requires plenty of time and attention.

If you evolve into the world of gambling, then it is necessary to learn and understand the value of numbers in games, it is necessary to look back at what you earned and what you missed and draw a line to see where you are.

Every detail is important

Learn where, when and how to invest. Learn which are the best games and matches, learn which is the most favorable situation. It takes time, but it is always worth the effort.

Betting is art

Any novice in this area can become a professional gambler if one does his or her homework. Start by review and making an overview of what is happening. Betting is an art.

If you want to win, your goal should be to win on long-term basis. To do this you need full dedication and you need to establish a plan that fits your needs. This plan includes a very easy formula that is not so difficult to apply. In theory, you should include analysis of recent matches, targets, tactics, and so on.

Learn from lost matches and document yourself thoroughly about the match that you want to bet on. Personal goals should gain influence, and you should have a say in this regard. It is very important to see a pattern on you bet.

Stay away from the advice and predictions of “genius bettors”, who can affect your plans and financial condition. It is important to keep a ‘horse view’ and control yourself when you enter the world of gambling, knowing when to listen to others and when to move on. A clear analysis of your situation will always show you, what to do with a certain bet. Stay away from the so-called punters who say they know ‘fixed matches’.

It is better to keep your distance from people, who think they know better than you. Stay away from things that are not transparent.

Of course, the odds might be great, but the chances of this happening, consistently, are as big as your chance to spend a night in the company of Heidi Klum.

Bid carefully

Instead of placing a single bet on four different teams, put your money separately on 4 teams. In this way, when you come out winning 3 of 4, you’ll swear because of bad luck. Why didn’t that fourth team do well?

Do not let others influence your decisions

Stay away from friends or acquaintances who tell you to put all your money on a single ticket. The odds of winning are very high and the lure of winning a lot of money very quickly is stunning for some people who do not realize that fall into a trap when they take advice from others without using their own head.


Each bettor should have an agenda and a timetable with precise details when he or she wants to gain from long-term bets. When others intervene and advise you on how you should make the decisions, everything falls apart. You miss the details, and elements that can determine the end result are lost.

It’s the moment when you have to keep control, to get on Sports Betting and place bets like a professional.

It is not a secret that soccer is the sport that gets the most bets in Europe and basketball and baseball dominate in the US. Similarly, it is no secret that many professionals consider sports bettors as the most difficult question when it comes to profit.

Most bettors choose soccer

But is it the right choice? The favorite sport for many professional bettors is soccer, being an industry where money is pumped constantly as it has millions of spectators.

A bettor doesn’t have to be a big football maniac to earn money, largely because our page provides you with a ton of choices: ice hockey, horse racing, basketball, tennis, volleyball, dog racing, boxing, winter sports, golf, surfing, swimming, etc.

Betting tip: specialize in a sport

Try to specialize in a particular sport and in some leagues. As long as you’re willing to make small sacrifices to gain more, do not throw yourself into sports and games that you are not good at.

Final thoughts

Many sports bettors fail, as there is a big difference between knowing more about the Premier League and betting on Premier League matches. Knowing the players, their position on the field and last transfers will not help achieve success when it comes to betting.

Do not confuse the information they possess. These can be misleading. Many people do not realize that betting actually makes you compete with other gamblers, who spend long hours studying games with great odds, trends, injuries and the various aspects and angles.

If you do not have enough time to study the games, find someone who does so, whether it is an online forum, a service that offers advice or a good friend, but never assume you know more than the rest.

Think 3 times before choosing the right match.

Keep track of wins and loses. If, after a full season you have more losses than winnings, you may need to rethink your strategy. A must-do in the world of gambling: you should never continue without a look back to see how things are. Strategy is key, but ensuring that everything is in place is important as well. Many people bet on various sports just for pure fun. But if you’re looking for more than that, then bet to earn money.

Management and records - the key to earning money

Making money from betting on sports can be difficult, but there are many gamblers, who win large sums constantly, and even there are many professionals, who make a living out of it. Everyone in this industry can go through difficult times, but if you get to win more than you lose, then you can profit from long-term gains.


You know those video games where you see the character from above? That must be your vision strategy when betting on sports. You have to look for details, errors, mistakes or unique frequencies. You need to adjust your strategy and vision until you bring in a winning formula.

It is vital to do this at the end of a season or at the end of a year. You have to see where you can be better and how you can do this. Performance requires discipline, demands evidence and a carefully-created betting journal.

Undoubtedly, there are moments when fate is not in your favor, but when your strategy and documentation are lacking, take a break from the game and do your research.

If you are ready to start betting, we will give you all the help you need.