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About Us - Find out Who We Are and What We Do Here at OddsDigger

OddsDigger is a state-of-the-art online betting comparison service which gives you direct access to the best odds from the leading bookmakers. OddsDigger is one-stop resource for bettors, fans, and writers looking for the latest data on all the sport and entertainment information you could want.

OddsDigger has naturally become an informed choice for professional and casual gamblers alike since it went live. Covering all sports and information on everything from NBA, NHL, NFL to horse racing, UEFA or tennis, OddsDigger is proving to be a powerhouse in the incredible sports betting industry. We boast odds from all over the world, giving punters and bettors the opportunity to seek out the absolute best sports betting experience. Writers and fans alike have full access to statistics, comments and trends from our accessible databases.

OddsDigger gives you access to almost all the of world’s online bookies’ offers, eliminating the need for time-consuming and unnecessary searching. We make it possible to compare prices, so you get a clearer picture of this world. We make it possible for you to bet smarter & more efficiently. We give you, the reader (and user), the control and power to find the absolute bet for you. In addition, do not forget that our site is 100% free to use. We do not take a single penny from you. All we do is ensure that you receive the right bet and the absolute best value.

Our team

Our nexus of communication and diversity enables us to get things done much faster than anyone else in this industry. We have editors, expert punters, copywriters and real gamblers who make OddsDigger not just more productive, but more innovative and suitable for you - the user. Our greatest aim is to provide you with massive value so that you can leverage it to win consistently. Our team ensures that you get real-time prices from all the leading bookmakers, writes expert tips and previews and features top promotions

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly improve OddsDigger’s functionality and user experience, in addition to bringing you real-time prices from all the leading sports bookies. Our mission is to provide you with the best promotions out there and to help you pick the winning teams and/or players by publishing expert previews and tips from those who know. We want to know that you are on the front foot with your choices regarding betting at all times.

Our Partners

Our prices and odds are taken automatically from our leading bookmaker partners. We boast industry-beating technology and state-of-the-art user experience. We rely completely on our partners when it comes to prices. We simply collate all the info and odds from top bookies into one place, and our ultimate goal is to save you time. We only work with the industry titans to provide you with the absolute best betting experience.

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