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Best Sports Betting Sites in New 2024

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Betfair betting website
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Unibet betting website
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Sportingbet betting website
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William Hill betting website
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888Sport betting website
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10Bet betting website
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Bet At Home betting website
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Bet-at-home £10 welcome bonus
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Gamebookers betting website
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Get Bonus up to €20 every day
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Betfred betting website
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The best new betting sites in 2023

This detailed article contains the following information on all new bookmakers:

  • The best new betting sites in the UK and elsewhere.
  • What new bookmakers can offer bettors.
  • What new betting sites usually offer.
  • What you should look for from new bookmakers in 2023.

Complete list of new bookmakers

Good bookmakers in recent times can be a little difficult to find. Very often, newer betting sites in the UK are a little less satisfying. The betting experiences they offer are not always on the cutting edge compared to some of the better operators. Some sites, however, live more fairly than their older brethren. Space Sports, Mansion Bet, InterBet, Vbet and Mr.Play Sport are just some of our recommendations for the best new bookmakers of 2023.

Well-known offers on new betting sites

Although these sites were only created this year, they often offer the same quality offers as the leading online sports betting sites. These classic offers range from no deposit bonuses to free bets and much more. Newer betting sites also understand the importance of promotional offers for online betting operators. This is why new bookmakers offer their player base many promotional codes and welcome bonuses. These offers can usually be found directly on a site's homepage under the tab "TAG1> offers", "deals" or "promotions. "

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses on new betting sites work in the same way as those on old online sports betting sites. All a player has to do to claim a welcome offer is to register with the site and create a login. After registration, he receives a pre-determined welcome bonus. The bonuses typically provided by new UK betting sites mainly revolve around free bets and not deposit bonuses. In a moment, we will look in more detail at what each type of promotion offers. Overall, it is often possible to find new sports bookmakers offering welcome bonuses that are just as good as their older competitors.

Free bets

Free bet offers are the bread and butter of online sports betting. No matter where you go or which site you sign up to, these free bet offers are everywhere, especially in 2023. For those unfamiliar with the online betting scene or who are new to it, a free bet offer gives the player a free bet of a certain amount once they have placed a certain amount. For example, a recent offer from MansionBet offered new customers £20 when they placed their first bet of £10.

No Deposit Bonuses

Another common promotional offer that new betting companies offer is the no-deposit bonus. It basically works as a free bet offer, without having to make a deposit or place a first bet. For this reason, these offers are usually called 'Free Cash Bonuses' in the UK. No deposit is required to take advantage of these offers, which offer players an absolutely risk-free bet just for signing up to the site.

How do you choose the best new sportsbook in 2023?

There are many determining factors when choosing a new sports betting site. First, you must choose a site that offers many options that suit your preferences. This includes sports betting options, additional options, payment methods and much more. A new betting site should also offer consistent and reliable service and protect you at all times. Regardless of the uniqueness of the site, it must also fulfil all legal requirements in order to operate. The following section should contain all the information you need to determine whether or not a new online operator is the best choice for you.


A new betting site must protect you at all times. This means keeping your data and bank details safe. The best new bookmaker sites use state-of-the-art encryption software to ensure that all your data is safe on the site and protected from cyber threats such as hackers. This information can usually be found by visiting the reviews of new betting sites and reading the details given there, if the bookmaker itself does not immediately recognise them.


Newer betting sites should be considered perfectly legal. Online bookmakers obtain the necessary legal documents and licences from the government or country of the region in which they wish to operate. For example, newer betting sites in the UK must obtain a licence from the UK Gambling Commission if they wish to operate in London or elsewhere in the UK or Ireland. A legal bookmaker will make this information available on its website.

For offshore betting companies (which are not based in the UK), the legality may be slightly different depending on the country in which you reside. For example, US laws differ from those of New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. In addition, US residents must check the legality of certain sites in their respective states, as laws vary widely from state to state. For example, online betting is legal in New Jersey, but not in New York.


The reliability of an online betting site is essential, especially for newcomers. Simply put, users will not visit a site if it is not reliable. The reliability of a site generally revolves around the security it offers and the trustworthiness and legitimacy of the operator as a whole. Customer ratings and reviews of new betting sites will analyse the reliability of new operators in detail and tell you whether or not you can trust the site.


The popularity of a sports betting site is a fascinating factor. Although a site may be trendy and attract thousands of people a day, this does not mean that the bookmakers are the best on the market. Nor does it mean that the site is legal or inherently trustworthy. You should not let other people's betting trends determine yours. Instead, be sure to do your own research before signing up with a new betting site. First, check the site's legality and security.

Great odds

The best brand new bookmakers in 2023 will try to offer you the best odds currently available on the market. It is not easy for a start-up, but the best new sites will try to put the player first. We have also created a list of the bookmakers with the best odds among the established bookmakers on the market. This usually indicates that the operator will be an excellent and reliable option in the long run. The sports, casino and even lottery odds of the new online bookmakers are thoroughly researched and continuously updated to ensure that their players always receive the best possible offers.

Convenient payment options

An online bookmaker must offer its users numerous payment options, regardless of how new the company is. An operator must understand that not all players have the same financial situation and that some may need alternative options to choose from. This is why the best sports betting sites of 2023 offer their players a number of convenient payment methods.

Deposit methods

Depositing money into your account should be simple and easy, and should not be intimidating or awe-inspiring. One of the ways in which new betting companies ensure this is by offering their customers numerous payment options. The most popular payment options are credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. Popular providers such as MasterCard, VISA and PayPal are generally accepted on these new sites.

Minimum deposit requirements

It is common for an online betting site to have a minimum deposit requirement. This is often the case, as some operators may charge a small deposit fee. For new online sports betting, a minimum deposit may be required for all users. This amount varies from site to site, but is usually quite low. The best betting sites in the UK have a minimum deposit of only £10-20.

Withdrawal methods

As with the discussion on deposit methods, all new sportsbooks must offer their users numerous payment options when it comes to withdrawing their money. Withdrawals can be frequent if the player is skilled enough, and withdrawing winnings should be easy. The withdrawal methods used by most brand new bookmakers are generally the same payment options as for depositing money. These are payments via e-wallets, credit cards, bank transfers and sometimes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Tether.

Live sports events

Some of the best new bookmakers allow their players to watch certain matches and sporting events live. Although this is quite rare among new betting sites in the industry , some of them highlight this feature on their website to attract new players to this crowded 2023 market. On these sites, you can choose a popular sports betting option, select a match in progress, bet on it and watch it from the comfort of your browser or, in some cases, the dedicated sports betting app.

Reviews can help

When it comes to new betting sites, especially extremely new ones, it is necessary to be fully informed before deciding whether or not to register with the site. Customer ratings and reviews can help you in this decision-making process. Reviews are available worldwide, including on BetZillion! They provide a clear picture of what is expected from a particular site, what it offers and its overall reliability.

The reviews also provide a list of new online betting sites that are popular with customers. Most online operators know how critical and influential user reviews are. These reviews often make the difference between a user who reviews the site and one who avoids it altogether. For this reason, many leading operators choose to put the player first and make it an important issue. Consumers make this market work and the best operators know this.

How do we collect our reviews?

The reviews on this site are designed to help you find the best bookmaker. We provide you with a detailed overview of the site and clear information on how to access it, the betting options available and their reliability. These aspects are covered in detail to keep you up-to-date in this ever-changing industry. Reviews on this site are collected in two ways.

The first way they are collected is through customer reviews. These reviews come directly from meteorologists who have used the operator in question and provide a first-hand view of what the site offers and how it works. The second option for collecting reviews is to contact industry experts. Our team of industry experts reviews sports betting, knows exactly what you should be looking for and passes this knowledge on to you.

Is it worth using new betting sites?

When you think of an online betting site, you probably think of one that has been around for a long time. Most of the major online betting sites were established about ten years ago and have evolved and adapted to ensure the satisfaction of their players. Nevertheless, some new betting sites are still able to offer these older sites a run for their money. There are many companies that bring the highest quality to the online sports betting industry, but they are just less known. However, this does not mean that these new sports betting sites should continue to operate under the radar. There are many reasons to visit new bookmakers.

Advantages of using new bookmakers

With regard to the advantages of using new betting sites, there is much to be said. The following list is intended to offer these advantages in a more condensed form, highlighting only the most common advantages of using new sites:

  • New bookmakers often offer a multitude of betting options. They usually cover multiple betting markets, such as the casino market, the live services market and the traditional sports betting market. This allows players of all types to invest in the site for a long time.
  • New sites often use the latest forms of computer security. Although some online operators that have been around for years claim to have a high level of security, their software can often be quite old, going back to the beginning of the site. Newer bookmakers usually use the latest versions of computer security software to make your online betting experience safe and secure.
  • The casino options on newer sites are usually much more varied, including the latest iterations of virtual slots, which offer users a more graphically intense online gaming experience.

Disadvantages of using new bookmakers

On the other hand, the use of new online bookmakers has some disadvantages. The following list provides a breakdown of some of the most commonly discussed disadvantages:

  • Not all sites are totally safe or legal. Since brand new sports betting sites usually do not disseminate much information on the Internet, there is no guarantee that the site is totally legitimate or trustworthy. The site may not have the required legal documentation or may not operate a completely fair betting system. It is difficult to determine these aspects when a site is brand new.
  • With a traditional online betting brand, you know what you are getting, whereas you are not getting a new bookmaker. Although newer sites offer the same level of quality as the leading brands, they do not have the same brand awareness as the leading operators.
  • Some leading operators may offer better customer service and support, as they have more financial resources than the industry professionals.

An overview of new betting sites

Overall, new betting sites should not be discarded. On the contrary, it should be the other way around. New bookmakers should be researched, studied and utilised if they meet the requirements and preferences of the players'. There was a lot to discuss and describe in this article, so you will be totally forgiven if you missed anything.

To help you out, here is a list of all the important discussion points in our guide:

  • Things to look out for when choosing a new online betting site include the payment options accepted, the betting features it offers players, the odds of winning on the site, the inclusion of a payment feature and additional live or streaming betting options.
  • Some of our recommendations for the best new bookmakers are MansionBet, Space Sports, InterBet and Mr.Play Sports.
  • New betting sites ' Popular payment methods include card payment options, bank transfers, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.
  • Popular sports betting options include football, cricket, darts, snooker, American football, basketball, baseball, horse racing, motor sports, UFC and MMA.

Gambling responsibly

Although online gambling can be a rewarding experience, it can also be potentially dangerous. Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in online gambling, as the services offered today are extremely impressive and for some, addictive. Suppose you have had problems with gambling in the past or think you will be vulnerable to this behaviour in the future. In this case, make sure you do everything you can to gamble responsibly. Many major operators and new sites offer the possibility of limiting one's daily gaming behaviour by setting a deposit limit and a stake limit. This should be used by all players who feel advantaged.

The Bottom Line

In summary, new betting sites can offer a betting experience equal to that of the major bookmakers. If you are an experienced bettor looking for something new, or if you are a new player looking for the best online sportsbook, do not hesitate to take a look at one of the operators we have recommended in this article. You are sure to find something to your liking.