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Pesapallo betting oddsPesapallo is a game that was first played by Lauri Pihkala in the 1920s. It is often referred to as the Finnish pesapallo due to the fact that it is more or less the national sport in Finland. The gameplay is somewhat close to the Northern American pesapallo but there are a few facts about it that are completely different.

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Brief History

It is a fast moving game that involves a bat and ball whose aim is for the offence team to score by hitting the ball as far as possible and getting through all the bases as the defence tries to take the runner and ball down. This is the part of pesapallo. However, the difference between this game and the American pesapallo is that the ball is pitched in a vertical angle which is considered much easier than pesapallo.


The game has grown so much to get players from other countries such as Canada, Germany and Sweden among many others. Due to the gameplay and how the ball is pitched, it makes the game move very fast compared to the usual pesapallo. The game is played in two periods which have four innings where both teams will be working to ensure that they score more points before the period ends.

The major competition for this game is the Finnish event that is known as the Finnish Championship Series - which features both women's and men's teams. The World Cup is played after every three years where players from all over the world come to enjoy the game.


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