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It is a rather curious variation on baseball that was developed in Finland in the middle of the 20th century. It since went on to become the country’s national sport and enjoys enthusiastic following in northern European countries like Norway, Germany, and Austria. It’s very much its own animal. One of the big differences from baseball is that the ball is pitched vertically making it much easier for the batter to return. What this means is that there’s a lot more explosive action in trying to get the ball back, making for a gripping spectacle. With interest on the markets increasing, a bet on pesapallo could lead to a goldmine.

The Prime Forms of Pesapallo Betting Odds

The biggest market is on the normal match wager for a three-way win/lose/draw pick on the outcome of a particular match. Further pesapallo odds include over/under score markets, outright futures bets, and points scored in a particular inning. Unless you’ve wagered on baseball before, the markets on the sport might take some getting used to so don’t rush into things too quickly. Because the matches can be quite long, there are good live wagering opportunities here that can be compared on OddsDigger and fans can take advantage of mobile betting apps and live streaming to further enhance their wagering potential.

The Biggest Markets

It is certainly on the rise worldwide if not in Canada, and Finland remains the heart of the game and has the biggest teams with the most dedicated followings anywhere. The country’s main league is called the Superesis and always enjoys a high level of play. The Pesapallo World Cup is the best place to see the best players from around the world compete with each other. It’s definitely a sport you can expect to see more of in the future, so now would be a good time for punters to get in on pesapallo odds on the ground floor.

The Top Pesapallo Betting Sites

For the moment, it is something of a niche sport, so it’s possible that not all bookmakers will carry it. Two of the bookmakers who have some of the strongest offerings in these competitions are Unibet and 888Sport, who always seem to be offering lots of markets and very respectable odds. Fans are highly advised to use OddsDigger to access a first-rate pesapallo odds comparison that will ensure a good deal never passes them by again. Good luck!