Water Polo Betting Odds

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best Water Polo betting odds comparison for Canada on this pageThis is a sport that enjoys a broad spectrum of interest across the globe, which means there’s always plenty of markets available from which to extract profit. It’s a straightforward game to get your head around, so punters won’t have to study the sport for long before they’re able to start identifying areas of value in the betting markets.

What to Know About Water Polo Betting

For anyone familiar with ball sports like soccer or hockey, this sport will be very easy to grasp. Two teams comprised of seven players each (including a goalkeeper) play four eight-minute quarters where they attempt to put the ball in the opposing team’s goal. This contact sport is very demanding at the highest levels, as players have to keep one eye on effective swimming whilst also getting in positions to tackle, pass, and score.

The Principal Betting Odds

The betting markets on water polo odds will be easy to grasp for beginners, without any of the idiosyncratic wagering markets you’d find in a sport like cricket, for example. The most popular wager is the standard three-way match wager (win/lose/draw), followed by over/under goals, first to score, halftime score, outright winner, and so on. Researching the teams is critical to wagering success here and will allow punters to identify areas of the markets with the highest profit margins. There are also lively In Play markets available on most games, and OddsDigger can bring you the latest water polo live odds to enhance your wagering when you’re using a mobile betting app and live streaming the games.

Main Markets for Water Polo Bets

Based in Ottawa, Water Polo Canada regulates all the national tournaments, chief amongst them the prestigious Golden Cup championship, as well as women’s and junior leagues. Internationally, the FINA World Aquatics Championship is the biggest tournament in the world for the sport, followed by the Water Polo World Cup, European Water Polo Championship, and Water Polo World League. The sport is also a big-drawing event at the Summer Olympics.

How to Find Water Polo Betting Sites

It is a popular sport and is covered by many of the biggest bookmakers. Unibet and Betfair feature particularly strong coverage all year round. To find the best odds to bet on water polo, be sure to check OddsDigger, who trawl the markets to bring fans the best betting odds in real time for a whole host of markets. It’s the easiest way to lengthen your bankroll and get the most of high-value markets on this top sport.