Darts Betting Odds

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best Darts betting odds comparison for Canada on this pageDarts has emerged from humble traditions as a pub pastime to become a multi-million-pound industry attracting some incredibly skilled players. Consequently, the wagering opportunities around this sport at the highest level offer plenty of potential for making back profit on smart bets, and with plenty of events on the calendar, there’s always an opportunity to cash in on the latest darts odds just around the corner.

Darts Betting: The Facts

It is played on the traditional dartboard, with two players taking turns to try and get a fixed score (501 in professional tournaments) down to exactly zero. The minimum number of throws this can be accomplished in is nine. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, however, and takes a great deal of skill to consistently repeat. Due to such small margins for error, the games can often be the scenes of big upsets, so long odds can really pay a dividend on the right wager.

The Critical Forms of Betting Odds

There are three major types of wagers in professional darts: an outright bet for who will win a tournament overall, a match bet for who will win a given game, and set bets for who’s going to win a particular set. It’s nice and straightforward, so punters can get down to the business of studying form to start finding the best value wagers with long returns. It is a fast-paced game, so punters who are quick on the draw can enjoy big returns on darts live odds. OddsDigger can compare the best deals on the live betting markets, so be sure to check in to ensure maximum wagering value.

The Core Markets for Darts Odds

In Canada, professional competitions are governed by the National Darts Federation of Canada. This organisation regulates tournaments such as the Quebec Open and the K-W Tri City Open. Internationally, the UK is the biggest darts market, with the UK Open, PDC World Championship, Premier League, and the daddy of all darts events, the BDO World Championship, where the best talents in the world compete.

Finding the Best Wagering Sites

The easiest way to get your hands on the best deals on the market is to use OddsDigger for your darts odds comparison needs. This powerful odds aggregator will bring you the best odds from only the most trustworthy bookmakers like Bet365 and Betway, ensuring you get the biggest returns possible from this great sport.