Golf Betting Odds

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best Golf betting odds comparison for Canada on this pageGolf is an extremely popular sport around the world, especially in Canada. It is not surprising that this popularity has also translated into an enormous availability of betting opportunities on this sport. Almost every punter has an opportunity to get excellent golf betting odds in just a few clicks.

Golf Sports Betting Is Easy

Just like any other popular sport, it is possible to find golf odds that are attractive. A punter who has a disciplined approach with regards to wagering and who happens to possess a lot of strategies will be able to succeed when it comes to wagering on this sport. There is no shortage of opportunities regarding the same, as every top bookie has an interest in offering the best odds.

Smart Golf Bets with the Best Odds

The offers from bookmakers with regard to this sport may not be huge, but there is a great deal of attractiveness to be extracted from the prices on offer. Since there are several tournaments that take place around the world, bookmakers have no shortage of prices on this sport.

Golf Odds Explained for Everyone

The process of golf sports betting begins with the basic understanding of the prices on offer. When it comes to each golf tournament, there are more than 140 players who take part. These players are split up into three categories with the lower ranking players being given high prices for the win, mid-ranking players being given average prices, and the top players being offered lower prices. However, the competitiveness of the sport means that it is extremely difficult for a golfer to be given less than 3/1 to start the tournament. The strength of the top market means that the bottom players are usually at around 100/1 to win.

Favorites change depending on the success of a player at a previous event and past history with a particular event. Taking these aspects into account, bookmakers bring about huge changes in the prices.

Since this is a popular sport not just in Canada, bookmakers tend to provide a huge variety of markets. They not only cover aspects like the outright winner of a tournament but can also go deep into the sport with wagers like a first-round leader, top 10 finish, top 20 finish, each way, top nationality, and more. However, the tournament winner ranks as the most popular form of betting and the prices offered reflect the same. Other markets tend to be quite complex and a reasonable amount of experience and information about past results is required to succeed in those markets. This can make it quite challenging for a newcomer.

Golf Betting Markets

The major betting markets on this sport are split into domestic and international tournaments.

Finding the Best Domestic Golf Betting Opportunities

The PGA Tours are the most prolific form of golf wagers. This competition is largely played in the United States, but there are also events played in South America and Asia as part of the same. As a result, most of the players who take part in this competition are from the United States. These are also some of the top players in the world, as the PGA Tour has incredible prize money and prestige to go along with it. Players also receive substantial ranking points to boost their careers.

In Canada, Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) is responsible for the sport. Canadian Open is the local competition you can wager on. Other tournaments in the country are Willingdon Cup, Junior Championship, Senior Championship, and others.

International Golf Betting Is Also Attractive

The biggest opportunity to bet on international golf tournaments is the Olympics. After the absence of golf from Olympics for more than 100 years, the 2016 Rio Olympics witnessed the return of the sport to the top level of the game. More than 120 athletes witnessed the sport entering the big stage once again. They brought about the best golf bets for punters.

Betting on Golf Tournaments Can Be Profitable

There are numerous options for a punter to bet on this competition. Several strategies can be applied in order to make this form of betting incredibly profitable. The strategies revolve around four major elements – general form, form on a course, research of the statistics, and avoiding the players who are inexperienced.

The general form can be seen by looking at the recent records of a player in the tournament. Past winners often end up being successful in the golf tournaments. The success of a player in a tournament depends on several factors with one of the keys being the course. Some players tend to have a favourite course and tend to perform well in such instances. Before a player starts to compare golf odds, they also need to look at the different statistics like the fairway on a course, trees lined up on a course, and several other factors.

Where Can You Bet on Golf & Compare Golf Odds?

There are multiple opportunities to bet on this sport. Almost every bookmaker has a dedicated section that offers prices for each tournament. However, it is often ideal to go with bookmakers who have a great reputation when it comes to offering the best prices on this sport.

The Best Bookmakers

Since online betting has become an extremely competitive industry, it is now possible to come across the sites that have a large amount of interest in golf tournaments. Accumulator insurance bets, price boost offers, and welcome bonuses are being provided for punters. One of the best bookies for golf is William Hill.

We recommend this bookie as most of the insurance offers there allow a punter to make four or more selections as part of the accumulator. Now, the punter stands to receive the stake even if just one of the bets loses. This happens to be a good deal, especially with regard to these betting options.

Live Stream and Mobiles

Bookmakers offer an excellent way to get live stream content. Bookmakers like Bet365 come with an in play betting service that manages to offer all the conveniences like a live stream, which can be viewed even on a mobile device, in order to make the wagers. The majority of the top bookmakers also provide live golf odds that help a punter make a decision on the fly. Instead of relying on statistics to place bets before the tournament, these live and mobile betting options enable a punter to view a couple of rounds of the tournament to make an even better decision.