Ice Hockey Betting Odds

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best Ice Hockey betting odds comparison for Canada on this pageThis is quite a popular sport around the world. Even though it is primarily played in the North American countries, a lot of fans of the National Hockey League and other top tournaments exist. As a result, bookmakers have been quite keen on exploiting the interest of punters.

Is Ice Hockey Betting Possible?

The process of ice hockey betting is largely similar to placing money on other types of sports. Bookmakers accept wagers on this sport in different forms. It may be either on outright choices or on special options being given out by the bookies on a regular basis.

Grabbing the Best Ice Hockey Odds

The ice hockey betting sites are now available across the Internet and this has become one of the highly competitive industries. This competition results in very narrow differences in the prices offered by one bookmaker or the other. Hence, it is imperative to compare the prices so as to receive the best odds on each occasion. The first priority for the punter should be searching for the best ice hockey wagers. This will help them remain profitable in the long run.

What Are Ice Hockey Betting Odds?

The three-way ice hockey odds are the traditional way of choosing between the home team, away team, or draw. This type of betting is especially common in regions outside North America. The money line betting option is predominantly popular in North America and it is among the newest forms of placing money on a sporting event. Here, the bookmakers provide a price on the home or away team and this eliminates the outcome of a draw. Even though there are only two possible outcomes, this system is better in terms of protecting the stake in the event of a shootout or overtime.

Ice Hockey Betting Markets

The major markets with regard to this sport happen to be total goals over/under, Grand Salami over/under, future bets, and prop bets. The total goals over/under market is rather straightforward and allows a player to predict the total goals that come about in a match. They are extremely popular amongst bookies, who largely tend to base their prices around 5.5 and 6.5 goals.

The Grand Salami is about combining the total found in all games. This is in effect when 10 games are in place with bookmakers largely going for a number between 50 and 60. The future bets let a punter predict the outcome of a future event and it is similar to the ante-post market seen in other sports.

Domestic Ice Hockey Betting

The biggest advantage with regard to this sport is the innumerable number of leagues and tournaments that take place around the world. The major domestic competitions take place in countries like Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, and Finland. They are dwarfed in terms of attention by the NHL, which happens to be the most popular form of ice hockey in Canada. In fact, it is so popular that NHL is often seen as the sole representative of this sport.

International Ice Hockey Betting

Just like in the case of domestic tournaments, there are plenty of international events. The World Championships is a tournament that takes place every 12 months and it is regarded as the biggest international event. Similarly, a women’s version of the competition also takes place each year. The Champions Hockey League is meant to comprise of the top teams from Europe. It is also a popular international tournament.

How Ice Hockey Betting Can Be Profitable

Anyone with the right strategy can make ice hockey bets extremely profitable. The first step would be to choose the perfect bookmaker, who will be able to offer a range of markets related to almost every competition in the world. However, it is not recommended to stick to just one bookmaker, as finding value through the comparison of ice hockey betting odds invariably takes a punter to different establishments. Now, the wealth of statistics available online makes it easy to research and make the right choice. Once the right option has been selected, a punter can go with the ice hockey odds comparison process. This stage is extremely important to get the best value.

Where Can You Place Ice Hockey Wagers Successfully?

A punter can easily place money on different forms of the game. Thanks to the availability of several bookmakers around the world, this system has been made much easier.

Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites

The top bookmakers in the business happen to specialise in ice hockey and several other sports. Ladbrokes is one such example and it has been around since 1886. Today, Ladbrokes has the wagering markets and options surrounding every imaginable sport and this includes ice hockey. Despite being extremely popular, the bookie manages to offer a healthy list of promotions and offers that will appeal to anyone.

Bet on Ice Hockey: Live Streams

The extensive choice of ice hockey bets has now started extending into the world of in-play betting. This allows a punter to watch a specific event and make the predictions as it happens. This is quite a challenging environment for newcomers, as the prices change quite rapidly, depending on the progress in the event. However, experienced punters will be able to appreciate the opportunity to wager on the go. Alongside the in-play betting choices, happens to be the opportunity to view live stream content. Both these elements in conjunction with the mobile betting facility truly help a punter stay connected with their wager at all times. The live betting choices are provided for you right here. Get started now!