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In Play Odds
joinDOTA League 1 2
04:10 Live
Team Admiral
In-Play Bet
Saturday 24 August 2019
Overwatch League 1 2
Boston Uprising
New York Excelsior
All Odds
Los Angeles Gladiators
Los Angeles Valiant
All Odds
Sunday 25 August 2019
Afreeca Starleague 1 2
All Odds
Sunday 1 September 2019
Afreeca Starleague 1 2
Flash Gaming
All Odds

eSports betting oddsIs It Possible to Bet on eSports?

What is eSports betting? Essentially, it entails placing wagers on the outcomes of eSports matches. Esports are bigger than ever before. As a result, there’s no shortage of great opportunities for fans to place wagers and pick up some impressive wins. The industry has spread around the world, and there’s a huge number of leagues that take place. Markets are distributed across multiple continents, and there’s a huge range of possible wagers for fans to pick from. With OddsDigger Canada, you can access a huge range of options in seconds. We collate our numbers from great bookmakers, giving you a comprehensive selection of top odds. We have everything you need to enjoy exceptional wagers, and our entire service is available completely free. As a result, you can make more winning wagers than ever before.

Take Your Pick of the Best Odds

We collate our numbers from reliable sources all over the internet. If you want to ensure that you enjoy the best possible betting, you’re going to want to check out all of the available numbers. There are many out there, and going through them one by one is time-consuming. However, with OddsDigger Canada, it takes a few seconds to do a quick odds comparison. As a result, you can put all the data at your fingertips for stress-free wagering on the most reliable odds around.

How eSports Betting Works

There are tons of different opportunities when it comes to eSports wagering. Fans can take their pick of a number of different wagering sites and odds. The most common one is winner odds. These are the odds that determine who will win a single match. If you want to pick the final winner of an entire tournament, you can do wagering on outright odds. And you can use promotion and relegation odds to place wagers on whether a team will be promoted or relegated. You can also place bets on the amount of points you expect to be scored in a match. And with accumulator bets, you can put together a bet with multiple different legs. If they’re successful, you stand to pocket a generous amount of winnings.

Available Markets for eSports

There are tons of great markets on offer for a top e sport bet. These competitions have exploded in recent years, and you can find events going on in many places. The best place to look for the latest markets is OddsDigger Canada. We bring together the latest numbers from a wide selection of bookmakers, meaning that you can benefit from the broadest variety of potential wagers. While there are many specialist wagering sites, markets are also carried by a wide variety of top online bookmakers. The best site will treat these events in much the same way as regular sports, and there’s no shortage of choices.

eSports Betting in Canada

ESports betting has exploded in Canada. The Canada ESports League or CEL is the nation’s home for these events. There are a number of fantastic teams involved in the league and no shortage of exceptional events to enjoy. There are competitions and leagues unique to each region, which bring together great players and provide fans with winning opportunities. And Canadian teams and players also compete in a number of the major US competitions.

International Betting on eSports

There are tons of amazing eSports tournaments taking place all around the world. The US remains one of the biggest areas for competitions and provides some of the best opportunities for top eSports betting sites. East Asia is the other major area. Many of the popular games involved in the industry were created in East Asia, and the region remains the home of major games such as Starcraft. There are also plenty of European tournaments that bring together some of the best in the business. There’s no shortage of events taking place, and if you’re looking for some great eSports betting opportunities, you’re bound to find them.

How You Can Profit with eSports Betting

As with most sports, a good strategy can allow you to do well when it comes to eSports betting UK and other countries. You should put in plenty of time in terms of researching the teams and competitions. If you have a good knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various teams, you should have no problems working out the best ones to bet on. And many bookmakers have great promotional offers that are specifically designed for eSports wagers. If you’re looking to profit from your eSports betting odds, you may want to check out which bookies have the best bonuses. That way, you can wager risk-free with your additional bonus funds.

Where to Bet on eSports

Pretty much all eSports competitions can be found online. Unsurprisingly for a sport that was created around computers, the vast majority of markets are still to be found online. You’re also in a better position to carry out any research around leagues and teams. Most major bookmakers around today have expanded into eSports gaming bets. And when you use OddsDigger Canada, you’ll be able to check the odds from all participating bookies.

Top eSports Bets and Bookmakers

There are plenty of great online bookmakers providing opportunities for e games sports betting in Canada. Many of the best casinos operate in a number of different countries, and as a result, they can be relied on to provide a really good selection of odds. Betway is one of the biggest bookies around, and they operate in Canada. Pinnacle is another reliable website. If you want to find out all the available e-games sportsbetting odds, OddsDigger Canada can show you exactly which bookmakers are carrying markets.

Mobile eSports Betting and Live Stream

OddsDigger Canada is compatible with mobile devices. That means that you will have no problems staying a step ahead of all the action, no matter where you are. And our service lets you carry out a thorough eSports live betting odds comparison at any time during the game. That means that you can place a wager even if the match has already started and make use of the most competitive odds around. eSport live betting means the action doesn’t stop.