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It is a variety of harness racing, which is itself a subtype of horse racing. A rider in a cart with a horse attached controls his steed with the reins. The objective is for the rider to complete the course in the fastest time possible without his horse breaking stride. It’s a very difficult sport to master and it requires patience, judgement, and endurance from its best riders. If the horse breaks into a faster stride, like a canter or gallop, both horse and rider are immediately disqualified from the race, so it can be a very exciting spectacle to witness and place trotting bets.

The Specifics of Trotting Odds

The races here function much the same as the ordinary horse races, and usually, the winners are decided within 1 m of each other. Effectively, you will be wagering on which horses you think will win or what order the top three riders will finish in. You can also wager on things like how many heads a horse will finish by. If you’ve ever bet on a horse race, everything will be very familiar. These races can take some time to complete, so there’s room for good In-Play trotting bets, which can be enhanced with the use of live streaming and mobile betting.

The Principal Markets

In Canada, you will find no shortage of events to bet on. The Canadian Trotting Classic is one of the biggest examples, but there are race tracks all over the country, the Woodbine Racetrack and Mohawk Raceway being two of the most famous. Elsewhere, you’ll find big events all over the world to help you bet on trotting. In America, the annual Grand Circuit takes in 17 different tracks to form its own harness racing season. Events like the Golden Cup in Russia also have a legendary following.

How to Enjoy Trotting Betting Odds

Not every bookmaker will take wagers on the sport, but there are enough that it won’t be a problem. William Hill and Unibet are two that usually have a comprehensive range of wagers to enjoy and offer good value odds in these markets. To make sure that you’re getting the best trotting betting sites, use OddsDigger. It’ll allow you to make odds comparison and get the best out of the markets at all times to ensure lucky fans receive maximum returns.