Yachting Betting Odds

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best Yachting betting odds comparison for Canada on this pageIt is a very old racing sport with a prestigious history dating back many years. International yachting can be said to have first really come into being in 1851 when the Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain challenged an American yacht to a race. The Americans won, and so the American Cup was born. Since then, further events have sprung up all over the world.

The Basics of Yachting Betting

It is a unique sport, both to wager on and to participate in. Many of the biggest races can cross whole oceans and peninsulas, taking many months to compete. For this reason, bettors will need to approach these markets as long-term investments, which nonetheless can bring in big rewards for fans who do their homework first. Yacht racing is certainly a betting market favoured by high rollers all over the world.

Facts about Yachting Betting Odds

You’ll find a big spread of markets when you come to bet on yachting. These may seem intimidating at first but are actually quite straightforward when you give them a second look. The biggest markets naturally are on outright winners of a particular race, followed by markets like runner up and last placed team. Interestingly, due to the extreme length of the races, the In Play markets see a lot of interest here, as the fortunes of different teams fluctuate. You’ll often be able to access these with mobile betting, and OddsDigger can help you find the most competitive live betting odds at any time.

Core Markets for Yachting Odds

The lynchpin for yachting in Canada is the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, who always have been a big hitter on the global scene. Some Canadian races include the Marblehead to Halifax race covering over 360 miles of sailing, plus various local regattas. Internationally, the most prestigious race is still the American Cup, and there are other iconic events for yachting bets like the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Fastnet around the British Isles. The thing about these races is that they occur all over the world, so there’s never any shortage of markets to wager on.

The Top Yachting Betting Sites

You might have to dig a little deeper to find a solid betting bookmaker, but they are out there. Betfair is a good choice, and Sportingbet offer good market coverage as well. Fans looking to profit from these markets should compare yachting odds to make sure they’re maximising their profit potential. OddsDigger can find the best odds from the most trustworthy bookmakers, to ensure that fans are enjoying superior winnings on successful bets with this fantastic sport.