Lacrosse Betting Odds

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best Lacrosse betting odds comparison for Canada on this pagAre You Looking to Bet on Lacrosse?

One of the oldest team sports in the US and Canada is lacrosse, and it is gaining popularity across the world. Not only are the competitive matches driving fans wild with excitement, but gamblers also have an opportunity to get in on the fun, considering the viability of earning substantial income from the sport.

Lacrosse Betting Odds Explained for Every Punter

The odds refer to the probability of a team winning a particular match and can help you determine how much winnings you can get from your stake. To know how much money you can win, you only have to multiply your stake and the given lacrosse odds. Types of wagers here include:

  1. Scoring Totals (over/under): In this type of wager, punters in Canada try to predict the total cumulative goals in a match and whether the final score will exceed the pre-set number of goals or be less than that number. The odds for this market are usually quite favourable.
  2. A spread wager: In this instance, punters will try to predict not only the winner of the match but also the margin of the win. For instance, a punter may predict that a favourite team will win the match by 3 goals, and if the final results match the wager, the payout can be pretty awesome.
  3. Moneyline wager: In this market, you basically pick the outright winner. It is a straightforward bet, and they are usually offered by the bookies to encourage punters to wager both ways.

Apart from wagering, you can also live stream the matches and with the help of our in-play odds comparison service, place winning wagers live.

Lacrosse Betting Markets Available in Canada

Wagering on the sport in Canada has gone a notch higher now that many tournaments are available. However, what do you do when many bookies are offering attractive odds? Well, you will find our lacrosse odds comparison tool to be quite effective in selecting the best odds on the market, for both domestic and international competitions. Some of the major tournaments in Canada include Mann Cup and Minto Cup. The international tournaments include World Lacrosse Championship, World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, and Women’s Lacrosse World Cup. All these tournaments provide competitive matches for the sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

Where to Place Lacrosse Bets in Canada?

There are several lacrosse betting sites in Canada that can serve your needs, and it is recommended that you do an odds comparison to pick the best one. They include the following: Winner, Bet-At-Home, and 888sport, among others. They all offer stunning bonuses, on-going promotions, and other features such as in-play or mobile wagering. Lacrosse betting in Canada is a viable opportunity for you to earn a substantial income. You should try it out today!