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Sports has become more than just a regular pastime, as it has become an avenue to make money, if a person is smart enough to take advantage of the variety of options available. One of the ways to make sports not just enjoyable to watch, but also quite rewarding in terms of monetary benefits is by placing wagers on the best sports bets today. However, this is easier said than done and it involves a lot of intricacies. A newcomer to the world of sport prediction will be overwhelmed at the sheer number of research and work that has to go into getting this prediction is right.

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The art of making the bet prediction is just one of the two major steps, as a punter also has to find value. It is all about maximising the risk to reward ratio, as betting on sports happens to be a highly risky venture. Thankfully, there are several forms of free sports picks available and one of the top names in the business happens to be OddsDigger.

Understanding Free Betting Tips and Expert Predictions

The world of sports involves a lot of numbers, and it is the responsibility of every punter to go through several hundred numbers at any given moment in order to arrive at the best bets today. Yet, this is not easy even if most of the data is available online. This job, of filtering through a lot of numbers, can be made much simpler by diving into the Internet for some excellent tips and predictions. There are multiple sites available today that cater to this segment, but only a handful can be termed as the cream in the business. These would not just be presenting users with any other sports picks, as they would be coming in with information that makes them more transparent and results oriented. OddsDigger is one of those names and it has been offering outstanding betting tips and predictions for a long time.

Sports and Tournaments Covered with Expert Betting Tips at OddsDigger Canada

Bookmakers today have a vested interest in almost every sport in the world. They provide coverage to even the minuscule tournaments that attract a couple of hundred thousand fans each year, to the biggest sports events in the world. OddsDigger is aware of this growing interest surrounding all forms of sports and strives hard to provide free tips in each of them. The popular sections at OddsDigger happen to be:


One of the world’s most popular sports, football, has a diverse structure and plenty of variables that make it extremely hard to get the correct match prediction without sound expertise. We have extensive coverage of all the different football betting options available from bookmakers. This is useful for a punter who is not just interested in regular single bets, but is also looking at more complex accumulator options. Our free betting tips are available for various leagues, like Premier League and La Liga, and they also focus on international tournaments, like the World Cup.


The tennis tipsters on our prediction site will be able to provide users with a string of tips – even on a daily basis – to help succeed on various events that take place around the world. The coverage is not just upon the top tournaments, like the Grand Slams or other WTA and ATP tours. Instead, it extends even to the lower class tennis tournaments. The tips provided cover markets like total sets, correct score, first set correct score and many others.


The availability of several experienced basketball tipsters help us provide the free sports picks daily in this section. All forms of basketball action, predominantly the NBA and NCAA basketball competitions, are covered at OddsDigger. The choice of markets, which is being placed as a recommendation, includes a huge variety as they range from standard ones, like over and under tips, to total player points.

Other Sports and Tournaments

At OddsDigger Canada we cover all the major international championships in basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby, golf, cricket, motorsports, cycling, horse racing, eSports, boxing, MMA, dog racing and many others, anything you have in mind. Just make sure you check OddsDigger Canada first!

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The important factor behind the selection of any sports betting advice is the reputation, and OddsDigger happens to possess a great standing among the fraternity of sites that offer such advice. This is due to a wide range of sports that are covered here. OddsDigger also ensures that the coverage is coming from only the best tipsters. This brings out the maximum returns for the punter, who will be able to go into the deep and exotic betting markets without thinking twice about their lack of experience; all the tips provided here have been carefully analysed by experts, who have years of experience.

One of the key strategies in the world of betting is to not go with just one bookmaker. Our today match predictions are made with this strategy in mind. Since we do not recommend going with just one bookmaker, all our tips are being made with a lot of focus on finding value in each bet. Since we also provide an opportunity to compare the prices, punters will also be able to cross check all the tips that we provide on each sport. Hence, OddsDigger is not just a great way to get the best sport tips, but one can also get information on the different markets.

The Best of Sports Betting Tipsters

The community of incredible tipsters on hand is some of the dedicated in the industry. It is extremely important to have expert sports tips, as these knowledgeable players will provide better returns for newcomers. The tipsters on our hand are extremely knowledgeable in each sport that they are concerned with. Rather than just posting a long list of today games prediction without any focus, we aim to provide the best value for the punter. This is being achieved by providing deeper insights into each game, and it is only possible to the vast amount of experience and knowledge that we have about each league and tournament.

The army of these experienced tipsters has turned OddsDigger into the best prediction site available online. We also hold regular competitions for our tipsters so as to always keep them on their toes.

In the End

Our tipsters adopt a lot of strategies in order to come out with the free expert sports picks. Just because they are available for free does not mean that our tipsters do not work hard behind the scenes. Some of the strategies employed in order to provide you with the best sports picks today happen to be arbitrage betting, looking for excellent prices, situational handicapping, increasing the low risk multiples, finding the betting offers and chasing this team. When these different betting strategies are combined along with a wealth of knowledge about the events in particular, a tipster will be able to provide a lot of value and reduce the risk associated with each punt.