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Lacrosse betting oddsEspecially popular in North America and Australia, Lacrosse has been growing as a sport even in Asian regions. Canada, though, is seen as the home of Lacrosse with the sport being close to ice hockey in terms of popularity. Yet, there are bookmakers around the world offering lacrosse betting tips and opportunities.

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Things You Should Know

These offers especially peak during the three major events concerning Lacrosse – World Championships, World Indoor Championships, and European Championships – but league events like National Lacrosse League are also popular. For year around offers regarding Lacrosse, punters may place bets on college Lacrosse games as well.

Lacrosse is a game that is usually played with a small ball and a lacrosse stick that’s called Crosse and usually has a loose mesh to create something like a cup for scooping up the ball. It is usually a rough game as the players trying to get the ball and score a goal.

The game began among the Native Americans who occupied the northern part of America around 110AD. In the seventeenth century, the sport was well established and played all over America and Canada. Initially, the game was played by a team of 100 to 1000 men in a field of about 2 miles thus the game was played for up to 3 days and was part of a ceremonial ritual.


Lacrosse was associated so much with the social and the religious part of the indigenous people as the ones who played the game were the warriors of their tribes. Over the years, several contributors made changes to the game making it shorter and involving fewer people. In 1904 and 1908, the game was played at the Olympics involving teams from Canada, America, and Great Britain. The game is mostly played at amateur level in high schools and colleges who compete in the National College Lacrosse League. In the major league, there are interstate competitions in the Major League Lacrosse.


The game hasn’t really grown to most parts of the world but in the few countries where it has an audience, lacrosse betting is not a new thing. Just like in most other sporting events, fans always like to try their luck and see if they can win with their favorite teams. Oddsdigger.com is the site that you need to visit for the best lacrosse odds and best matches some that may not even be in the news. You get to learn more about the game which will help you in mastering lacrosse predictions.

Our platform allows you to place your bets on various or a single match depending on how much you have. The minimum limit of a single bet is too low so as to cover those gamblers that are still a bit cautious about betting. Payments after every win are made immediately thus you don’t have to wait for long for your win to be confirmed. You will instantly get your money in the account.


Since it is predominantly a Canadian sport, Lacrosse betting offers largely involves moneyline bets. The same goes with Lacrosse odds. Most sportsbooks from America tend to offer only moneyline bets. However, punters can still find sportsbooks offering spread bets and over/under wagers. These, however, are not the only available options punters can find in terms of betting odds.

We make it easy for odds from several sportsbooks compared in one go. Like in other forms of team sports, lacrosse betting requires researching on the consistency and quality of the team. A knowledge of the team’s recent form also helps in making a good decision about bets that have a higher probability of winning.

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