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Floorball betting oddsFloorball is a type of hockey with five players and a goalkeeper for each team that is playing. It's an indoor game that was first professionally played in 1970 in Sweden. The game has been played widely ever since, spreading around the world very fast. It was a common gym game in most high schools in Canada as a different version of the hockey game.

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Brief History

Most public schools in the USA then adopted the game into their sports program. The game, however, was formally organised and played in Sweden for the first time where it started growing into a more serious sport in the Nordic countries. Soon after, floorball betting became a new thing for avid sports bettors. The IFF was formed in 1986 and organised the first formal competition in 1990 where a total of 7 countries participated. Floorball is a relatively new sport. This sport has been regarded as the alternative to outdoor Nordic sports like Bandy. Even though this sport primarily developed in the Scandinavian regions, it has later spread in popularity and many nations including Switzerland are part of the International Floorball Federation. At present, there are 55 members and this has led to growth in floorball betting offers of late.


The game has grown so much since then. By 2009, the sport was being played in about 8 countries that participate in different competitions worldwide each year. The world championships are held annually and they attract many players from all over the world who compete to become the kings and Queens of the game thus floorball predictions are a bit difficult to get.

The men’s championships take place in December of every even year while for the women it happens once each odd year number. The competitions have gained so much attention due to the players who have made a career out of it. Floorball betting tips are becoming more and more frequent any many bettors want to know how to win.


Since this sport is primarily concentrated in the Scandinavian regions, not many bookmakers offer a stream of betting odds related to floorball. We make it a priority to make life easier for those looking for betting odds related to floorball, as we bring all those odds and offers in one place. The betting on this sport is primarily done on the match result or number of goals. We use an aggregate system which brings information from various leading bookmakers in front of your eyes - instantly.

The online betting offers for the sport are primarily found on the menu of a handful of bookmakers, but the choices are plenty even then.

Floorball World Championship is the biggest event on an international stage and the 2016 edition of the men’s game will be held in Latvia towards the end of the year.


Betting is made easier if you do so from our website where you get updated on the hottest games to watch out for and tips on how to win huge cash prizes. Floorball can be a bit difficult for one to determine who will win depending on a particular competition. Floorball betting odds are usually open very early in the year and you are allowed to change your bet as many times as you like as long as the games haven’t started - that’s when the lines close.


We offer you the highest floorball odds compared to many of our competitors. With the help from our sports analysis experts, you do not have to be a pro to win. All you need to do is pay attention and visit our website often - to get the best tips and odds. Floorball is an interesting and fun game to watch but it gets even better for you when you are winning a lot of money simply because you love the game.