Boxing Betting Odds Comparison for Best Bets

OddsDigger is a great tool which manages to combine the different boxing bets provided by a bookmaker in one place. This makes it easier to pick the best betting odds without having to work out several calculations and numbers. If not for this comparison tool, a punter will be spending a lot of time in the hope of going through each of the numbers offered by a bookmaker regarding this sport.

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Boxing betting oddsBoxing is a major sport where games do not take place often, but there is often an enormous interest whenever games take place. The interest is not limited to viewership alone, as there is often a large amount of boxing betting offers to go along with the matches. Las Vegas arena usually plays host to some of the most competitive games around. As a result, there is a greater occurrence of boxing Vegas odds.


Boxing involves two players fighting over several rounds to determine a winner, which is usually on the basis of points but there can also be a knockout. Knockout takes place when a fighter lands an extremely powerful punch which since his opposition to the ground, and who is then unable to return to his feet. The probability of a knockout is less in high profile games, which are often where the best boxing betting odds can be found.

Each match is set to take place over 12 rounds but there can be more depending on the structure.


It is possible to bet on boxing through several types of bets. Three of the most popular types of boxing fight odds are:

Moneyline: This type of betting odds is used to back a specific player for a victory. It is also possible to place bets on the occurrence of a draw, but only in this sport.

Total Bets: Betting on the maximum number of rounds in a game is one of the favourite options for punters when it comes to place bets on boxing.

Knockout Bets: In this form of betting, punters can get to back in the probability of one player knocking on the other. These are expected to be amongst the highest rewarding betting odds on boxing.


These events are separated on basis of aspects like class, titles, and leagues. Some of the major types of events concerning boxing are:

Title fights: Also known as the Championship fights, boxes from all classes compete for a chance to win the title. Inevitably, the best fight odds are concerned with title fights.

Promotion fights: These type of fights are extremely popular in Las Vegas and it sees two top boxers taking on each other.

Some of the main strategies for those concerned about how to start betting on boxing are researching aspects like styles, previous fights, any injuries, and performance against similar boxers.


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