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Australian Rules Football Bets July 2024

Australian Rules Football, commonly known as Aussie Rules or AFL, stands as one of Australia's most cherished and adrenaline-pumping sports. With its unique blend of athleticism, speed, and high-scoring action, it's no wonder that AFL betting has gained immense popularity among sports enthusiasts.

Friday 26 July 2024
AFL 1 2
10:40 Live
Carlton FC
Port Adelaide FC Power
All Odds
Saturday 27 July 2024
AFL 1 2
04:45 Live
North Melbourne FC
Geelong FC
All Odds
07:35 Live
Gold Coast FC
Brisbane Lions
All Odds
07:35 Live
St Kilda FC
Essendon FC
All Odds
10:30 Live
Melbourne FC
Greater Western Sydney Giants
All Odds
11:10 Live
Fremantle FC
West Coast Eagles
All Odds
Sunday 28 July 2024
AFL 1 2
04:10 Live
Collingwood FC
Richmond FC
All Odds
06:20 Live
Sydney Swans
Western Bulldogs
All Odds
07:10 Live
Adelaide FC
Hawthorn FC
All Odds

AFL Betting Markets

AFL betting offers a diverse range of markets, catering to various preferences of punters. From match-winner and margin bets to player-specific markets like leading goalkicker or Brownlow Medalist, there's an array of options to explore. Additionally, punters can delve into live betting during AFL games, allowing for real-time wagering based on evolving game dynamics.

Live Betting and Streaming

Live AFL betting enables punters to place bets during the game, capitalizing on shifting odds and momentum changes. Additionally, live streaming services offered by betting platforms allow fans to watch games live while betting, creating an immersive and interactive betting experience.

Australian Rules Football Rules

Australian Rules Football (AFL) stands out as a unique and exhilarating sport with a set of rules that distinguish it from other football codes. AFL is played on a large oval-shaped field with a distinctive ball, and its rules encompass a blend of athleticism, strategy, and fast-paced action.

  • Field and Teams

An AFL game is contested between two teams, each comprised of 18 players on the field at any given time. The game is played on a massive oval ground, often ranging between 135 and 185 meters in length and 110 and 155 meters in width.

  • Scoring

Scoring in Australian Rules Football revolves around two primary methods. A team can score six points by kicking the ball through the two central goalposts, termed a "goal." Alternatively, if the ball goes between a goalpost and a shorter post adjacent to it, or is touched before going through the central posts, it counts as a "behind," earning one point.

  • Ball Movement

Players move the ball by either kicking or handballing it (punching the ball with a clenched fist). Running with the ball is allowed, but players must bounce the ball every 15 meters if they opt to run without kicking or handballing.

  • Marking

A remarkable aspect of AFL is "marking." A player who catches the ball from a kick that has traveled at least 15 meters, and is not touched by another player, is awarded a "mark." Once a mark is claimed, the player is entitled to take an unimpeded kick without opposition.

  • Tackling and Physical Contact

While physical contact is a significant aspect, the rules prioritize player safety. Tackling an opponent to disrupt their play is common, but tackles above the shoulders or below the knees are penalized. Additionally, players must dispose of the ball properly when tackled, avoiding holding onto it too long.

  • Interchange and Quarter Structure

Teams have a set number of player interchanges during a game to manage player fatigue. AFL games consist of four quarters, each lasting approximately 20 minutes of play, with added time for stoppages.

Australian Rules Football Odds

AFL odds reflect the likelihood of specific outcomes in a match or throughout the season. These odds come in various formats, including decimal, fractional, or American, providing flexibility for punters to choose their preferred format. The odds display the potential return on investment for a successful bet, accounting for the probability of the predicted event occurring.

Factors Influencing Betting Odds

Several factors influence AFL betting odds, such as team form, injuries, home ground advantage, weather conditions, and head-to-head statistics. Analyzing these factors can aid in making informed betting decisions and identifying value bets.

Popular AFL Betting Strategies

Bettors often use various strategies to enhance their AFL betting experience. From focusing on specific markets to considering team line-ups, recent performances, and trends, developing a sound betting strategy can increase the likelihood of successful wagers.

Most Popular Australian Rules Football Competitions

Australian Rules Football (AFL) stands tall as Australia's premier football code, captivating audiences with its high-octane action, unique athleticism, and passionate fanbase. Within the realm of Australian Rules Football, several competitions draw immense attention and fervor across the country:

  • AFL Premiership Season: The Australian Football League (AFL) Premiership Season remains the pinnacle of Australian Rules Football. Comprising 18 teams from various states, this elite competition spans over 23 rounds, followed by finals series culminating in the prestigious AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The Premiership Season showcases top-tier talent, intense rivalries, and unparalleled excitement.
  • AFL Finals Series: Following the Premiership Season, the AFL Finals Series unfolds as the climax of the competition. The top eight teams battle it out in a knockout format, leading to the Grand Final, where two teams vie for the coveted Premiership title in a thrilling spectacle watched by millions.
  • AFLW (Women's Competition): The AFLW has soared in popularity, illustrating the growth and inclusivity of the sport. This women's competition features elite female athletes competing across multiple teams, showcasing their skill, athleticism, and dedication to the game. The AFLW Grand Final serves as a testament to the rise of women's football in Australia.
  • State Leagues: Alongside the AFL, various state-based leagues foster talent development and community engagement. Leagues like the Victorian Football League (VFL), South Australian National Football League (SANFL), and West Australian Football League (WAFL) provide platforms for aspiring players to showcase their abilities and potentially transition to the AFL.
  • Each of these competitions contributes uniquely to the fabric of Australian Rules Football, showcasing the sport's diversity, talent, and passion across different levels and demographics. From the grandeur of the AFL Premiership Season to the grassroots development in state leagues, Australian Rules Football celebrates a rich tapestry of competition, uniting communities and enthusiasts in a shared love for the game.


1. What Betting Markets Are Available for Australian Rules Football?

AFL betting markets extend far beyond standard match outcomes. Apart from match winners, punters can explore diverse options such as handicaps, total points scored, quarter-specific outcomes, player-specific bets (goals, disposals), and seasonal awards like the Brownlow Medal.

2. How Do Odds Work in AFL Betting?

AFL odds represent the probability of an event occurring and are displayed in various formats such as decimal, fractional, or American odds. Lower odds indicate a higher probability of an event happening but yield lower returns, while higher odds signify lower probabilities but higher potential payouts.

3. What Factors Should I Consider Before Placing Australian Rules Football Bets?

Factors influencing AFL bets include team form, player injuries, historical matchups, home-ground advantage, weather conditions, and recent performance trends. Analyzing these factors helps in making informed betting decisions.

4. Is Live Betting Available for Australian Rules Football Matches?

Yes, many betting platforms offer live betting options during AFL matches. Live betting allows punters to place wagers while the game is in progress, adjusting their bets based on unfolding events and changing odds.