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Australian Rules Football Betting Odds October 2023 in GB

Australian Rules bets can be quite punishing on a punter without a great deal of experience, as they are available in huge numbers from almost every bookmaker in the world. However, OddsDigger makes it easier to the best betting odds from the large volume of numbers. This is a proper comparison tool fit for the punters of today, as they seek to find value in every bet.

In Play Odds
AFL 1 2
05:30 Live
Collingwood FC
Brisbane Lions
In-Play Bet
Sunday 1 October 2023
AFL Women 1 2
North Melbourne (W)
Greater Western Sydney Giants (W)
All Odds
Hawthorn (W)
Brisbane Lions (W)
All Odds
05:05 Live
Hawthorn (W)
Brisbane (W)
All Odds
Adelaide Crows (W)
Gold Coast Suns (W)
All Odds
07:05 Live
Port Adelaide (W)
Gold Coast Suns (W)
All Odds

Australian Rules betting oddsAFL is the professional competition of the Australian Rules football that is governed by the Australian Football League which is in charge of controlling various aspects of the game. The league, formerly known as the Victorian Football League, originally comprised teams that were from the state of Victoria in Australia. It's also the moment when footy odds started to gain traction.

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The history of the league dates back to the VFL in 1897 which was formed by six of the strongest clubs that broke away from the governing body and formed Victorian Football Association as a way to bring healthy competition in the football tournaments in the country. The two bodies competed for attention but VFL won and established itself and the ultimate body.

Growth and seasons in the AFL

The VFL quickly grew to become more popular and soon teams started moving from VFA to VFL due to the fact that it had all the power and economic abilities but the ambitions of VFL quickly grew. Most of the smaller clubs could not handle this due to financial constraints which ultimately led to their disbandment.

In 1990, everything changed and the new league AFL was created and it was not long until VFA took over VFL but due to financial problems, the standing body remained AFL. It plays a major role in developing football outside Australia in countries such as South Africa and supporting affiliate championships around the world.

The AFL season lasts 23 rounds, from March to September, and each of the team plays a total of 22 matches where fans engage in sports betting in Australia. The last 8 teams in the league compete for four weeks to qualify for the grand finale and become the premier’s winners.


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