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Squash betting oddsSquash has been around for almost two centuries and it was earlier seen as a variation of tennis. The game has existed in a professional form for almost a century. Involving two players on a court, squash is about winning rallies by scoring as many points as possible. An extremely fast paced game, it requires a lot of skill and stamina to excel in the sport.

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Since 1998, the sport has been part of the Asian games and Commonwealth games. This has led to a rise in the number of bookmakers offering squash betting offers.

Things You Should Know

Squash is a ball game that is played using a racket similar to the one used in tennis and a small rubber ball in a court with four walls. The game can either be played by two players or four where they take turns to hit the ball on any of the allowed areas on the four walls. It was first known as squash racket due to the soft ball.

It was first played at the Harrow School in 1830 where players used string rackets. The game later spread to more schools and more countries in the world. In the 19th century, the game had spread all over the world to a point that private owners started building squash courts although they didn’t have any particular size.


There are standard rackets, balls, and court sizes that all the squash players need to adhere to. The rackets have greatly evolved from being made out of wood to graphite and titanium. They didn’t have any set dimensions but this changed when the rules established gave specifications for each of the equipment.

The World Squash Federation is the governing body of the game and it is thus in charge of holding the World Championship, PSA World Series and World Series Squash. Unfortunately, the game has not been accepted as an Olympic sport but participants play at the Commonwealth and Pan-American games among others, where punters get to do squash betting on their favorites.


Squash is a game that is said to have at least 20 million players worldwide and more than ten competitions that take place locally in the specific countries as well as the international competitions which attract most of the game lovers to place their bets on their favorite players or teams.

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Bookmakers are taking notice as Squash has a new market in several regions due to the growing popularity of the sport, while there is even a bid to include the game in the Olympic Games 2024. Squash betting offers include usual aspects like matchwinner, total points, and handicaps. Odd/even match type of betting odds are specially made for squash. Our website aggregates the numerous types of odds under one roof for punters to easily compare the probability of victory.

Doing well and increasing the chances of win rely upon giving attention to the injuries suffered by players. The form also plays a crucial role in deciding the result.

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