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International / International One Day 1 2
14:00 Live West Indies vs India Tips In-Play Bet
Saturday 1 July 2017
England / Royal London One Day Cup 1 2
10:00 Surrey vs Nottinghamshire All Odds
11:00 Nottinghamshire vs Surrey Tips All Odds

Cricket may be popular only in a handful of countries, but there is fanatical support in these regions. The United Kingdom, Australia, India, and West Indies are some of the top names in the sport. North America has traditionally been a market for American baseball, a form of this famous sport, but a cricket betting market has been growing steadily. Since more than 100 countries are officially part of the International Cricket Council, one can only expect betting popularity to rise going forward.

Options for the Bettor

This is a game that provides the punter with numerous cricket odds options from the one go. Money line, series scores, match scores, top bowler, individual series wickets for bowlers, and even odd run scores are some of the different online cricket betting options available with regard to this sport. Most of these cricket betting tips are likely to be available in the full glory for punters.

Major Betting Opportunities

In addition, this is a sport held throughout the year and in various time zones. However, only the most common cricket betting odds are likely to be offered as betting options when concerned with less popular tournaments. When the event becomes the likes of ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC world 20, or ICC Champion Trophy, these cricket odds take a new dimension with several options available. Like other major World Cup events, this huge competition takes place once in four years. This event sees the biggest interest for betting on cricket.

Things You Should Know

These tournaments, though, are to test the strength of all nations at one stage. As a sport with a great history, cricket also has several tournaments played between two teams over several decades. Ashes, played between England and Australia, has immense history and it will be unsurprising to see a lot of interest in ashes odds just before the event. The recent rise in the popularity of IPL has also led to the growth of IPL betting.


One of the common strategies towards success with regard to bet on cricket is by having a thorough and extensive knowledge of the squads. The absence of some key players could have a major say in the result. The state of the pitch, some of which could assist in bowling and some in batting, holds the biggest say when it comes to betting types like total score prediction. Depending on the pitch condition, either bowlers or batsmen would dominate.

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