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Gaelic Sports betting oddsGaelic games are sports that are played in Ireland under the Gaelic Athletic Association that involve two main games which are the Gaelic football and hurling. There is also a version of women’s football that is played which is arranged by the Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association.

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The Gaelic games are by far the most popular sporting events in Ireland today due to high fans attendance at the senior games. Gaelic football was played first in 1887 and it has links to an older version of football called Caid. The game gained popularity considerably fast and became one of the most widely played games in Ireland. The games were organized by landlords and each team had twenty tenants.

Development and challenges

In the 19th century, the game almost completely faded due to the introduction of rugby people simply enjoyed more due to the fact that it was more rough and masculine. However, a set of rules was adopted which encouraged that the native strongholds of Gaelic football Ireland promote and preserve the national game, which they succeeded in doing after a lot of challenges.

Gaelic football is played just like the normal football apart from a few variations such as the fact that it is played by 15 players and a goal is worth 3 points. It involves kicking, passing and even hand-passing which makes the game so unique. GAA betting is a common occurrence during major matches that people go to watch, such as the All-Ireland Championship.


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