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Rowing betting oddsRowing has had a huge history in Olympic Games as the sport is incredibly popular. Betting on rowing, which is considered as one of the oldest sports at the Olympic Games, is especially popular in European nations. Rowing betting offers are not only offered by bookmakers during the prestigious Olympic Games, but even at college levels. There are a number of rowing classes available in this sport, but only 14 are available in the Olympic Games. Each race is usually for a length of 2000m and 1996 saw the introduction of lightweight class at the Olympic games.

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Quick History

Boat race betting odds at the Olympic games begin from as early as the qualification stage and goes deep into the knockout stages. Boat race betting offers primarily concentrate on allowing the punter to predict the winner of the race, but this extends during main event to event being able to predict particular finish for a specific boat. Just as with other major sports, live odds on boat race are also available to bet on the boat race. Punters also take advantage of betting odds on the time margin between first and second placed boats. Oddsdigger focuses especially on providing great value to the user by organising the plethora of betting odds in one place.


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Bookmakers today offer numerous types of boat race odds related to bets on winner, head-to-head bets, and betting on the first three places without being specific on the order. While these are the important types of betting odds available, one can successfully bet on boat race only after playing a lot of strategies and hearing on to a number of tips.


The knowledge about the squad of rowers has to be a key element before any bet on boat racing. They are the key component and the lack of a potential big-name could hurt the chances of winning. The value of the odds and past pay results are not important in this situation, as one has to pay great attention to aspects like current form, statistics, intensity of training, and objectives for the campaign before becoming a successful punter.

Other aspects like the pedigree of the competition will also have to be taken into account. This is because the top rowers are likely to take part only in the best competitions and this is likely to see a very close fight. Just like with any other sport, age plays a crucial role in the performance of a rower.


Young rowers, though, are unlikely to have the experience to react in a tight situation even though they might have all the energy and enthusiasm. Lastly, the atmosphere in the team could have a major impact on the potential winning chances for an outfit. If there are lots of quarrels and conflicts, the mood within the camp will not be conducive towards winning.

Despite numerous factors involved, boat race or rowing betting does have its upsides.

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