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Bowls betting oddsBowls, also called lawn bowls, is a game that requires one to roll balls such that they stop close to a smaller ball referred to as jack. It is usually played on a bowling green which may either be flat or uneven (crown). The game has its roots in the 13th century, as William Fitzstephen expressed in his biography, that there were several games being played at the time, including a casting stone which can be translated into the game of bowls.

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This game can also be translated into many other games such as shot put, but it is still unclear. There was another manuscript in the same period that had a picture which suggested that the game played at the time was bowls. There are three figures and a jack, the first bowl stopped close to the jack, which is essentially what the modern day bowling is about.

Where is the Game Played

Bowls has its origins in the United Kingdom and has remained popular in this region until now. Other countries that also play the sport continue to do so even with limitations. New Zealand and other colder regions are used to playing the sport on artificial pitches and by other means.

Even though the sport is generally played outdoors, some indoor venues have been providing alternatives recently. South Africa, Canada, and a few regions in Asia are regions where Bowls are popular. And surprisingly, it is in these regions one may find that Bowls betting offers are popular.


The game is usually played in well-manicured and leveled rectangular lawns for accuracy purposes. The lawn is then divided into parallel strips called rinks where the players are supposed to roll their bowls towards the jack. The bowl is allowed to curve outside the rink but for one to remain in play it must rest within its individual rink and if it is close to the jack, the player earns a point. The winner is determined by whose bowl is closest to the jack. Major events include World Indoor Bowls Championships and World Bowls Events. It is also one of the core sports in the commonwealth games which are a favorite for bowls betting.

During these tournaments, online betting offers for the sport are at their peak as extremely many punters want to try their luck on such an unusual sport; in a short span of time, there is a huge flow of betting odds related to Bowls. This calls for a place where they can be analysed under one roof and here we provide exactly the same. On our website, you get real-time prices and odds from leading bookmakers.


Betting is not widely done for this game considering that it is not very exposed, however, there are several countries that have embraced it and fans go out of their way to bet in the hope of winning. Betting occurs in various platforms and a player bets on the sportsman that he or she thinks is most likely to win.

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