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Darts betting oddsIt is an often held belief that darts is often played at pubs as a pastime. However, this may not be completely accurate since the game is also played on a highly competitive level. This explains the reason behind the presence of many bookmakers offering darts betting.

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It is possible to bet on darts just like on any other sport. As a professional sports, it is telecast on TV and there are tournaments where players compete to win titles. Phil Taylor is regarded as one of the best players in the world and he undoubtedly leads most of the Darts World Championship odds.

Different Types of Bets

The three major types of world darts betting are:

Outright Bets: The outright bets are the most common form of darts odds and they predict the exact winner of an event. The best and the favourite player will have extremely low odds while an underdog will have significantly greater odds, thus hugely rewarding in the case of an unlikely victory.

Match Bets: This type of bet is used to predict the outcome of a match. Determination whether the thrower would win the specific match is extremely difficult and it takes a lot of assistance from darts betting tips. It's simply how it goes and you have to understand this.

Set Bets: This type of betting odds is used to predict the victory of a player in a certain set.


As every punter is on the lookout for the best darts betting odds, it is highly likely that they will be found only for the big events. Some of the top events regarding this sport are UK Open Darts, PDC World Championship, Las Vegas Desert Classic, Darts Premier League, BDO World Championship, The World Match Play, and World Grand Prix. Out of these events, BDO World Championship is regarded as one of the best.


British Darts Organization holds the Championship tournament which is held in high regard by players across the world. There is a large number of BDO darts betting options due to the immense popularity. The tournament has been a major feature in the darts tips betting scenario since 1978.


Since it began in 1994 after the split up from the British Darts Association, there has been a significant growth in interest surrounding the Championship held by Professional DartsCorporation. This is clear from the huge presence of PDC World Championship odds.

Even though the sport has a large presence in Europe, it is spreading out to the rest of the world as well.


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