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Badminton betting oddsBadminton is a game that is played using a racquet and a shuttlecock between two or four people. It is played both indoors and outdoors depending on what the players are most comfortable with. The gameplay is very much like tennis where the player is supposed to hit the shuttlecock across the net to the other side. Each side has to only hit the shuttlecock once while it’s on their side and they should make sure that it has gone across.

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Games similar to badminton have been played since as early as 19th century in Britain. However, the game originated in British India in the 1870s. It was initially played with a wool ball as the shuttlecock hadn’t been introduced yet. The soldiers who returned to Britain formed a game club and introduced the shuttlecock which they used in playing between 2-4 people.

Growth of Badminton and Major Tournaments

Badminton Association of England changed the rules which led to the establishment of the first tournaments for men, women and mixed doubles in 1899. Throughout the years of different competitions the Badminton World Federation established itself as the governing body of world competitions in this sport.

Most of the countries have joined and participated in the competitions from all over the world. Some of the major championships include Badminton Asia Confederation, Badminton Confederation of Africa, Badminton Pan Am and Badminton Europe among others where badminton betting takes place.


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