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Cycling has evolved into more than just a mode of transport as it has become a sport with various popular tournaments across the world. Inevitably, it has led to the emergence of cycling betting in the world of sports betting. Even though it is not especially popular in North American markets, cycling odds and the ability to place bets using Tour de France odds are increasing in popularity in European countries like Germany and France.

Types of Cycling Betting

Money line, fractional, and prop bets are some of the different types of odds available with cycling bets. These are just similar to bets on other sports, but the complexities may pose a problem to newcomers. The presence of many sites offering cycling betting tips mean that it is possible to learn the art of betting on cycling rather quickly.


Most of the bookmakers tend to reserve the variety of betting types only for the major tournaments. Thankfully, there is no shortage of major events in the world of cycling since the likes of Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta de España are some of the prestigious and most difficult.


Easily one of the oldest in terms of cycling events, it is also the most prestigious as well. As a result, Tour de France betting takes its place amongst the elite. Covering a distance of more than 2500 km, the first edition of the race began in 1903. It covers various terrains including flats and hills, while there are also individual time trial events.


Vuelta odds are highly sought after since they give the ability to back riders at the Vuelta de Espana. This is Spain’s version of the Tour de France and it is also a gruelling race in all regards.


Italy’s premier cycling event started only a couple of years after the Tour de France. This prestigious history is one of the reasons for Giro d Italia odds occurring in great numbers during the annual event.


Cycling betting can be quite tough on a punter and proper research needs to be done on all elements – rider, team, and weather conditions – in order to make money. Tour de France odds may be available in great numbers, but so is the rider count and the possible things that could affect the winner of the yellow jersey.

Such are the challenges – and equally great rewards – that await punters who bet on cycling events.


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