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Novelty Betting Odds Explained: Top Markets, Best Novelty Odds, and More

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Novelty betting odds comparison on OddsDiggerCan You Bet On Anything? TV Betting, Celebrity Death Betting, Wedding Bets & More

Novelty betting has been on the rise in recent years and it allows a punter stake on options that cannot be classified as sports. Punting is often associated with sports like football and horse racing, but novelty wagering takes this concept to a different dimension by allowing the punter to stake on aspects like politics, television, current affairs, and even music. The incredible flexibility offered by the novelty bets are one of the factors behind the success.

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Like any other odds available on a sportsbook, the novelty betting odds are quite competitive and can be separated from one bookie to another. Each bookie has their own house edge and is up to the punter to find the best in each regard. Like in the case of sports, OddsDigger can perform a simple odds comparison in order to be able to separate the best from the mediocre ones.

Novelty Betting Odds: Unusual Bets Explained

This is a type of the market where a punter can bet on anything online. However, one can find that bookmakers often provide good betting odds on the events substantially before the occurrence. In many ways, this may be viewed as similar to the ante-post betting specials that allow a punter to place money on an event before its start. It is also likely that a punter will be receiving bonus options that make trying out this market more attractive if they have not experienced it before.

Novelty Betting Markets and Betting Specials:

A punter can often come in with a wager surrounding politics, current affairs, television, and more with regard to this market. For example, presidential betting odds is the flavour of the bookies when it is concerned with election times at major countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. The Donald Trump betting odds were immensely popular as an unexpected candidate was making waves with his weird statements. In short, the political betting odds can be amongst the most lucrative options with the returns being substantially higher. These may even come aspects like General Elections, Scottish Independence, Brexit, and many more.

Domestic Novelty Betting: Bet On Anything in the UK

The world of novelty wagering is not just related to the worldwide international events, as it can also be tuned to primarily focus on the domestic events. This may be anything like the Celebrity Big Brother betting options in the domestic markets. The Big Brother is one of the popular TV shows around the world, but there are different variations with regard to each country. The same also applies for the TV specials betting odds, as they tend to be more focused on the domestic elements rather than the international events.

International Novelty Betting: Miss Universe Odds & More

Placing money on the International novelty markets can be quite tricky, as bookmakers generally offer only the popular options in this regard. X factor is a reality show that is popular around the world, and the X factor betting odds are among the keenly watched by punters. The Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, and other such popular award ceremonies occupy a major interest amongst the international users, as they are followed around the world. The current affairs segment is also quite popular for this type, as the winner of the next Nobel Prize, Miss Universe or next Pope are a few of the options available in this regard.

Why Novelty Betting Can Be Profitable: Odd Betting Explained

The ability to bet on anything is one of the key differentiating elements that makes novelty betting popular compared with a regular sports wagering. The sports wagering option has been around for a long time, but the novelty element has come about only in recent years. It is almost possible to get novelty bets Paddy Power offers on almost every element. One would even be surprised at some of the markets available in this regard. For example, the punter may even receive the option of being able to wager on the number of times Roger Federer’s wife is shown live on camera during a tennis match involving Federer. Likewise, the ability to place money on unusual bets is one of the success stories.

Apart from such weird odds and markets, a punter is also getting some amazing prizes as part of this system. Since it is a form of the ante-post system, it is not surprising that the returns can be quite significant compared with the sporting event, where favourites are often given extremely short odds so as to limit the returns. The novelty odds will provide great prizes more often than not.

Where Can You Bet On Novelty?

The process of wagering on TV specials betting odds and other novelty options is quite similar to the way punters have been accustomed to staking with bookmaker sites. Here, it is possible to not just find the odds for a solitary event. A punter can also find different novelty items grouped together under one roof.

The sheer number of options in this regard makes it possible for a punter to take advantage by going on the accumulator route. In the accumulator system, a punter can magnify the returns by several folds by choosing to bring together several novelty wagering options as one wager. Considering that the interest in this segment stretches far beyond just politics and TV shows, there is certainly no shortage of options. For example, there was even a novelty wagering option on Harry Potter back in 2006. Punters were able to go betting on the next celebrity to die in the story.

The Best Bets and Bookmakers: Where To Find the Top Weird Odds

The process of finding the best bookmaker or the best wager can be quite similar to the way a punter would choose in terms of the normal punting markets – like in sports. The first major step would be to take any odd and pair it up against the numbers are available from other bookmakers. The process of odds comparison may sound easy, but it can be quite cumbersome without the presence of a proper tool. The availability of an odds comparison and betting aggregator service like OddsDigger makes it possible for punters to find the best novelty odds at all times. Finding the best offer is of paramount importance for the punter to get value in every stake.

Novelty Bets: Live-stream and Mobile Betting

Just like every other option available from the bookmaker, one can also find that the novelty type of punt can also be made from a mobile version of the bookmaker – whether from the app or from the mobile page. This is due to the growing number of punting options that require several changes depending on the changes in the scenario. The option of being able to place money on events from a mobile device provides a lot of flexibility to the punter and in turn, makes the bookmaker much more appealing. Furthermore, the makers also provide the option to experience the live stream of the related content. However, this is not as widespread as in the case of a sports stake. The sporting events are available on television and also on live stream without fail. Yet, a punter will have to resort to the availability of information in order to be aware of prices and options in novelty betting.