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Rugby Union Betting Odds and Markets May 2023 in GB

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Friday 8 September 2023
Rugby World Cup 2019 1 draw 2
New Zealand
All Odds
Saturday 9 September 2023
Rugby World Cup 2019 1 draw 2
All Odds
All Odds
All Odds
Sunday 10 September 2023
Rugby World Cup 2019 1 draw 2
All Odds
South Africa
All Odds
All Odds
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Rugby Union betting oddsRugby has always been a popular sport for punters out there. The World Cups and the yearly international tournaments are always of huge interest on a global scale. There’s also the big domestic competitions for those rugby diehards. The game is split into two codes which, of course, are the Rugby Union and Rugby League.

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Can You Bet On Rugby? Finding The Best Rugby Betting Data

The obvious answer is yes but there are so many different ways of how to bet on rugby that can be a tad difficult for some. It’s really a case of choosing the format that works for you and stick to it.

The biggest surge in rugby betting lines comes at the World Cups. These, of course, take place every 4 years and these are where the focus on the game is at its highest in both codes. On a yearly basis, there are the big international competitions split between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

In the North, you have the Six Nations tournament featuring England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy and Argentina. In the South, you have the Tri-Nations tournament featuring the perennial powerhouses of New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. These two tournaments are very popular with the punters.

Get The Best Rugby Match Odds

In terms of rugby premiership odds, again, it is a growing market but nevertheless popular especially in the established playing nations. What this page will endeavour to do is to show odds comparison of all possible betting offers for various rugby internationals and tournaments, including live betting odds and links to experts betting previews for the events. The following aims to give a little more background to the sport and the best ways to bet on the game.

Rugby is still a growing sport. The major hotbeds for the game are in Australasia, Europe and South Africa. It is starting to take off in places like South America and even the Far East where the influence of those from the major nations are starting to get a foothold.

This page boasts an odds comparison tool with all the possible betting offers for various rugby tournaments, including live betting odds and links to expert betting previews for rugby events.

Rugby Union Betting Odds Explained

The most popular method of rugby betting is still the single bet. With there being two teams there will obviously be a favourite and an underdog. For example, the team sits on top of the world rankings right now is New Zealand. The All Blacks, as they’re better known have dominated the game for years. Let’s say they were to play one of the minnows of world rugby in the shape of Canada.

If the two teams were to meet, the All Blacks would be the overwhelming favourites and the rugby betting odds on them would be very low. A punter betting on the outcome of this could stake £200 but win just £20. It’s a low-risk move but where is the value? What if the All Blacks were to lose? That’s the whole stake gone and it would require multiple stakes just to get that wager back.

In most cases, that type of rugby betting strategy just is not worth it. It is all about finding that value out there. The punter could use rugby union handicap betting in this instance so the Canadians could be given a 30-point start and you would bet to see if they could cover this. This is known as rugby union spread betting.

As was said before, there is a whole host of options on how you can bet on rugby. The over/under line is one where you can how many points will be scored in the game. The accumulator is there for multiple selections. You can use as many picks as you want. Obviously the more picks, the less chance to win but the higher the payout if you do win. Accumulators are especially good at the major tournaments or at weekend league games where they are multiple game series to speculate on.

Rugby Betting Sites & Betting Markets

On a weekly basis, you will have the domestic leagues. The most popular being the Champions Cup in Europe which is rugby’s version of the Champions League in Football. It pits the best teams in Europe against each other for the right to be called the best on the continent. There’s also the Super 12 competition which is made up of the prime club teams from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

This is just a selection of the many tournaments out there so there is a lot of choice on a weekly basis for the best rugby bets out there. As with all the major team sports, there will be over/under lines, accumulators and the traditional single bet and so much more.

The UK and International Rugby Betting

Rugby is a worldwide sport but it is still to make a major imprint in many parts of the world. In the major nations mentioned earlier, there is a huge appetite for best odds rugby union. It is very easy for someone from the UK to bet on the Southern Hemisphere internationals or league games and vice versa.

Why Rugby Betting Can Be Profitable: Finding The Best Rugby Betting Prices

As with any sport, it is important the punter studies the form if he or she wants to make some money. Odds can shift right the way up to the start of a game. All the major online sportsbooks offer rugby odds and there is definitely money to be made if you put in the work. All you need to do is just research manually on who is offering the best prices or you can use an aggregator like our website to do the job faster.

The Best Bets and Bookmakers: How To Bet On Rugby

In terms of the best bets, a lot of those were discussed earlier in the piece but with regards to where to find the best odds on rugby, there is plenty of choices. Ladbrokes is one of the better rugby betting sites. Known for their excellent customer service and prompt payouts, they also offer a host of great bonus bets in their rugby package that is loved by punters.

It goes without saying that all the bookies in the major rugby markets will offer lines on the game. Just please remember to use this page to find the line that works for you.

In-Play Rugby Betting: Live Stream and Mobile Betting

The ability to stream selected events to your desktop and now on your mobile phone has become a very good tool for the more serious punter out there. It’s an option that has been available via desktop or a few years now but more and more bookies are making this downloadable to a punters phone.

All one would have to do is open an online account with your bookmaker of choice and the option to watch their particular event(s) is there. An additional fee may be required depending on the sport and you would need to have funds deposited in your account.

Away from the convenience of being able to watch the game on the move, this option is particularly useful for those that like in-play betting. For rugby union odds comparison or any sport, this could be invaluable. This option could be the difference between winning and losing. Not all bookmakers give the option to livestream so again, use this page to go through and see which of the major companies offer this great tool.

Whether it is rugby union betting or league there is money to be made if you are prepared to delve into the form. Please do use this page to compare what’s going on in the markets.