Handball Betting Odds

Friday 22 September 2017
International / WHIL 1 draw 2
15:00 Live HT Tatran Presov (W) vs Banovce (W) All Odds
16:00 Live HK Slovan Duslo Sala (W) vs HC Zlin (W) All Odds
16:00 AS Trencin (W) vs DHK ZORA Olomouc (W) All Odds
16:00 HK Hodonin (W) vs DHC Slavia Prague (W) All Odds
Romania / Liga Nationala 1 draw 2
15:00 AHC Potaissa Turda vs HCM Baia Mare (W) All Odds
16:00 AHC Potaissa Turda vs CS Minaur Baia Mare All Odds
Hungary / NB1 1 draw 2
16:00 Live Cegledi KKSE vs Dabas VSE KC All Odds
16:00 Komloi Banyasz SK vs Csurgoi KK All Odds
16:00 Eger-Eszterhazy SzSE vs Vaci NKSE All Odds
17:00 Live Eger-Eszterhazy SzSE vs Vaci KSE All Odds
Denmark / Danish Handball League Women 1 draw 2
16:30 Live Aarhus United (W) vs Randers HK (W) All Odds
17:00 Live Ringkobing (W) vs Ajax Kobenhavn (W) All Odds
Sweden / Elitserien 1 draw 2
17:00 Live IK Savehof vs Ricoh HK All Odds
17:00 Live Redbergslids IK vs Eskilstuna Guif All Odds
17:00 Live Hammarby IF HF vs Alingsas HK All Odds
Germany / 2. Bundesliga 1 draw 2
17:15 Live ASV Hamm-Westfalen vs Bergischer HC All Odds
17:30 Live HG Saarlouis vs TV Emsdetten All Odds
Austria / HLA 1 draw 2
17:30 Live Alpla HC Hard vs HC ece bulls Bruck All Odds
17:30 Live Bregenz Handball vs SC Ferlach All Odds
17:30 Live HC Linz AG vs SG Handball West Wien All Odds

This is a sport that involves a small ball and two teams of seven players each whose aim is to score a goal against the rival team. The standard time for playing this game is about 30 minutes where the team that has the highest number of goals wins. There is a record of ancient Roman women playing a game similar to handball.

There have been more records of such games in France, Czech and Slovakia among other countries. The modern handball was first played in the 19th century in most countries of northern Europe. The first set of rules was written by a Danish gym instructor and Olympic sportsman Holger Nelsen.

The Growth of This Sport

The game grew to most parts of Europe with the first international game for men being played in 1925, handball betting being introduced at the same time. The women’s game was introduced five years later. The International Handball Federation is the body that is responsible for organising handball events all over the world and it has been doing this for more than 40 years.

They do revisions of the rules of the game if need be and ensure that the sport is being played as it should be. Major competitions in this sport are the world championships that are held in every eleventh year, which are separate for men and women giving rise to many handball betting tips online.


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