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American Football Betting Odds

Sunday 20 August 2017
Finland / Vaahteraliiga 1 2
13:30 Porvoo Butchers vs Tampere Saints All Odds
Friday 8 September 2017
USA / NFL 1 2
01:30 Live New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs All Odds
Sunday 10 September 2017
USA / NFL 1 2
18:00 Live Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals All Odds
18:00 Live Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles All Odds
18:00 Live Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets All Odds
18:00 Live Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons All Odds
18:00 Live Tennessee Titans vs Oakland Raiders All Odds
18:00 Live Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers All Odds
18:00 Miami Dolphins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers All Odds
18:00 Live Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars All Odds
18:00 Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens All Odds
21:25 Live San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers All Odds
21:25 Live Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks All Odds
Monday 11 September 2017
USA / NFL 1 2
01:30 Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants All Odds
Tuesday 12 September 2017
USA / NFL 1 2
00:10 Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints All Odds
03:20 Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers All Odds

Rugby is also an extremely popular sport in the world, but there are two versions of the game depending on the location where it is popular. The rugby league is a 13-man version of the game while the rugby union is a 15-man version of the game. The game popular in England is the rugby league and it has been popular in this region since the 19th century.

The essence of the game, which is hugely popular in terms of rugby betting, is to pass the ball, with the hand, through an oval field and ultimately making it to the other side without being interfered by an opposition.

One of the most physical games, rugby is extremely demanding of the players in terms of aspects like stamina and strength. The game is almost similar in many aspects to American football or NFL. While rugby dominates football betting odds comparison charts in the European regions, NFL betting is clearly the more popular in North America.


Aside from keeping track of rugby betting tips, punters need to analyse aspects like the form of a team under certain conditions or certain grounds before assessing the value of rugby betting odds. For a game played in all conditions like rain and sun, weather can play a major role in the chances of victory for a team and thus affects the rugby odds.


Most of the NFL odds are likely to focus on the big events like Super Bowl, Pro bowl, and the regular season. Super Bowl is undoubtedly the biggest event of the year and it attracts a wide array of NFL betting tips.

Predicting on aspects like the total number of points remains as hugely popular way to enter into the world of NFL betting odds. Since the sport is extremely popular, live betting is also available from several bookmakers. It is a considerably difficult form of betting and even experienced punters may have to rely upon American football betting tips in order to make correct judgements. The overwhelming popularity of the sport means that props and futures are also available.


The trend has always been the punter’s best friend whether it is a bet on Rugby or on the NFL with NFL playoff odds. One can research on the trends using the numerous sites that cater to both these sports.


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