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Ice Hockey betting oddsIce hockey is one of the popular sports in the northern regions of the globe. Europe and North America have traditionally been the biggest markets, but interest has been growing in the United Kingdom too. This has resulted in the growth of ice hockey betting and there are now several sites offering ice hockey betting tips amongst predictions. Ice hockey always means fast paced action and the same applies to the scenario with a lot of changes in hockey betting odds prior and during games.

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Types of Odds Offered by Bookmakers

Since ice hockey is extremely popular, bookmakers offer a variety of betting types that allows punters to predict the correct score, total goals, points spread, and winner. Of these, predicting the winner is one of the straightforward bets one can make on ice hockey.


National Hockey League (NHL) is undoubtedly the biggest tournament of ice hockey and it comprises of teams from Canada and North America. Bookmakers come up with a huge array of NHL odds that cater to the NHL betting segment. Due to the length of the competition and the strength of the teams taking part, NHL predictions are slightly tougher and resorting to NHL betting tips may not be seen as a sign of weakness.

Even more than the NHL odds, Stanley Cup odds take precedence since this is the trophy handed out to the NHL playoff winner at the end of each season.


Making a profit from elite league ice hockey betting is easier said than done and one has to undergo a considerable amount of research before successfully backing bets. As with every other sport betting, considerable research involves looking at the form of the opposition, location, surface, and any trends that may otherwise affect a team’s chances of winning.


One of the common trends in ice hockey betting has always been backing the home team. The changes made to home advantage in the NFL playoffs brought about a major catastrophe in terms of NHL playoff odds with many punters being scared of backing the away team.

Normal service, though, has been restored in the last couple of years. Punters primarily resort to NHL predictions tonight to sort out the best odds before catching up with NHL predictions today on the day of making the bets.

NHL is a hugely popular sport and there is unlikely to be any dearth of opportunities for punters with regard to this sport going forward.


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