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Rink Hockey betting oddsIce hockey may be one of the most popular forms of hockey, but that should not take away focus from one of the fastest growing forms of hockey – Rink hockey. The sport has especially been gaining prominence in South American countries like Argentina and European nations such as Italy and Spain.

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Played on a dry surface, Rink hockey players use skates with wheels. These quad roller skates are different from the inline skates used by inline hockey players. Just as with the sport itself, online betting offers for Rink hockey have been on the rise.

Brief History

Rink/roller hockey (British English) is a popular sport, especially in most Latino countries. It involves two teams of four skaters and the goalkeeper each. The gameplay sees each team trying hard to push the ball using their sticks into the goal post of the opponent team. It was first documented in 1878 in London at the Denmark rink.

Back then it was known as roller polo since polo had just been introduced two years earlier. The sport was first played in America in 1882 after the forming of the National Roller Polo in Ohio where rink betting was experienced. There were about seven teams in different teams that competed to play. The World Championships were played for the first time in Germany in 1935.


As the game progressed, it gained popularity and the name was changed to Rink Hockey due to the wooden flat surface where the game is played that was called the rink. Some famous names on television such as Charlie Chaplin have been known to play the game thus giving more popularity to it.

The rink has standard size measurements that the owner of the court must adhere to since it is part of the rules of playing the game which were last revised in 2011. Rink betting tips can also take into account rules changes and revisions. The stick and ball are similar to those used in ice hockey while the clothing is very similar to that of American football.


As the game is being played during the international competitions such as the FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup for both men and women and the FIRS U-20 not forgetting the different regional competitions in Africa, America and Asia, betting is a common thing. Most people bet the most goals scored by their favorite team on our website, which offers industry-leading data for sports betting. We offer the most games that you will not find on any other website, with the highest rink odds that make the winnings you get incredible.

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The Rink Hockey World Championship is held every two years and it is by far the best option to receive numerous betting odds from several bookmakers. Oddsdigger offers a great way to find all the great offers in one place. Bookmakers also offer odds on games within top divisions like Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Amongst the trio, Spain’s OK Liga generates the most interest largely because of the dominance by Spanish teams, who have finished as the European league title winners more often than not. As a result, bookmakers from around the world largely focus on the Spanish league to give out their best Rink hockey betting offers.


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