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Netball betting oddsNetball is a team game that is played by two teams of seven people each. It is a bit similar to basketball in terms of the court and how to score. It first started with the earlier versions of basketball in the USA but it later grew to into its own game. It was first played as an indoor game between two teams each with a total of nine players on the pitch with a ball that was being thrown to the end of the court for scores.

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The game became popular quite fast, leading to its spread to most parts of the United States and to the introduction of netball betting. It was widely accepted as an appropriate women’s sport thus women got a breakthrough in the countries where it was introduced. Growth of the Game It was not long before the international competitions were held. The World Netball Championships have been organized every four years since 1963. The World Youth Netball Championships were held for the first time in Canberra in 1988 and are held every four years. Netball is also an Olympic recognized sport and teams also participate in the commonwealth games.

The game is widely played as a women’s sport although there are a few men’s teams which are not so much recognized. Betting and Winning Netball is a game that attracts a lot of gamblers since it has a lot of major competitions that take place in different parts of the world. The betting opportunities are usually opened on different websites once the dates are confirmed. We're presenting you one of the best betting websites on the web for betting on netball games and not only.

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