Ten Pin Bowling Betting Odds

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The sport is widely popular in America, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia. It is a game in which players attack a set of 10 pins at the end of a bowling alley, and it has slowly but incredibly amassed a wide following in the North American region, attracting both fans and gamblers to the table. If you are looking for information on bowling betting, then you have come to the right place, because here at OddsDigger, we will furnish you with the latest info. But first, let us have a look at the types of odds for the sport.

Bowling Betting Odds Explained in Layman Terms

The odds are basically the probability of a team to win a match. Ten pin bowling odds are used to calculate the total amount of earnings a punter can get. How it works is simple, if the odds for team A to win against team B are set at 2.00 and a punter stakes $100, then the total winnings for that wager would be calculated as 2.00X$100, giving you $200 gross winnings. It is very straightforward and bowling wagering can even be done in-play with the help of our outstanding in-play odds comparison service. Now let’s look at some wagers available for the sport.

  1. Frame betting: Simply, this market requires punters to predict the correct final score in frames, and the wager is only valid for that particular frame. The odds given in this market are fair because it is not easy to predict the correct score.
  2. Frame winner: In this instance, punters in Canada have to predict the winner of a particular frame, and the respective frame must be concluded for the wager to be valid.
  3. Margin bet: In this market, punters have to predict the margin of the win, which is pretty tough. That is why odds in this market are extremely high.

Bowling Betting Markets: Local & International

In Canada, the sport has a huge following, and different bookies are ready to provide attractive odds to entice you. The good thing is that, with OddsDigger, you can use the online comparison tool to compare bowling odds available for different local tournaments. There are big National Competitions for the sport in the country, for both young and senior players so don’t miss them. Some of the major world tournaments include the WTBA World Championship, the Weber Cup, the European Bowling Tour, and the PTBC Storm English Open. These are just but a few of the many tournaments with highly competitive matches for punters enjoy.

Finding Places to Bet on Bowling

In case you are wondering where you can place your wagers, then relax because here on OddsDigger, we will provide you with the best bowling betting sites. However, we do recommend that you carry out a thorough analysis of the odds provided by these bookmakers. The following are the best bookies to go for: Bet-At-Home, 888sport, Betsson, etc. All of them boast incredible promotions, in-play wagering, and other fantastic features. Compare bowling odds today and get started!