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Heinz Bet Explained: Learn The Heinz Betting System Essentials

Heinz bet is a betting system that comprises of six selections all rolled into one bet. Even though it is a single entity, it is made up of 57 bets in total. The Heinz 57 bet name comes from the presence of these 57 bets – 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 15 different fourfold accumulators, 5 five-fold accumulators, and a single six-fold accumulator. Ironically, this betting system was named after the baked beans brand Heinz, which comes in 57 varieties. Experienced punters use this betting system in order to produce the overall risk when choosing six selections.

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What Does Heinz Mean in Betting?

Heinz betting refers to the possibility to enjoy multiple bets when choosing six selections at once. This betting system is referred to as a full cover system, as each selection is taken care of by trebles, six-fold accumulator, five-fold accumulators, fourfold accumulators, and double bets. The punter does not have any restriction when it comes to the winning lines. Receiving even a single double bet that succeeds will produce payout, although it may not be enough to cover the wager, which is often high in the case of the Heinz betting system.

Heinz Bet Example

The primary reason to go with this betting system is while choosing six different events or outcomes. The punter can maximise the chances of win by going with a varied range of selections. The key point to remember when trying to succeed in the Heinz bet accumulator system is that each selection comes with its own odds. However, we are taking odds of 5/1 for the sake of easy understanding in this example.

Let us consider that the 5/1 odds are available for a punter looking to bet on a horse racing event. Even if the punter comes in with a stake of £1 for one selection, the total stake increases to £57 since we are dealing with 57 different bets as part of the system.

In order to succeed in the Heinz bet, the punter must have at least three selections – at these odds – become successful. Only then will the punter will be able to at least reclaim the wager. In fact, the punter stands to make a sizeable if three of the bets win, as the total returns would be a whopping £324 with a profit of £267. Should the punter get only two selections successful, there would be a loss of £21 on the stake of £57.

The magic of the Heinz bet is apparent when all selections win at these odds. In such a scenario, the punter gets a humongous £117,612 in returns.

What is a Heinz Bet Good for?

The Heinz in betting is primarily applicable for selections that have long odds and a greater probability of success at the same time. It is possible for the punter to come up with returns even with two selections being successful, but the odds need to be in favour. The Heinz betting system is generally more suitable when the odds are evens or more in at least three of the six selections. This increases the chances of a bigger return, as the likelihood of succeeding in the multiple accumulator bets are higher.

In terms of sports, the system is immensely popular in horse racing, as most of the odds – even for the favourites – are considerably longer compared to other sports. While it is still possible for the Heinz bet in football to become successful, punters will find that some of the favourite teams usually have shorter odds.

How Does a Heinz Bet Work?

How Does a Heinz Bet Work?

The Heinz bet works on the principle of adding up the individual selections to form accumulator bets. This betting system happens to be quite risky due to the complete lack of singles bet. As a result, the punter is heavily banking on at least a couple of selections succeeding in order to have a chance of making profits or even getting the stake refunded. The 57 individual bets that make up this betting system are:

  • 15 Doubles
  • 20 Trebles
  • 15 fourfold
  • 6 fivefold
  • 1 sixfold accumalator

Since the Heinz 57 meaning comes from the presence of 57 individual bets, it also results in the stake increasing quite a lot even if the punter comes in with a small £1 stake on a selection. Even at this stake on each bet, the punter will be shelling out £57 as the total stake.

How Does My Heinz Win?

The success of the Heinz bet primarily depends on odds. Since this is a combination of several bets, the punter needs to have at least two or three selections successful if the odds are around 5/1 for each selection. In the case of higher odds like 10/1, it might be possible to achieve reasonable returns even with two selections. The lack of singles mean that the successful Heinz betting strategy involves in choosing selections that have higher probability of success along with longer odds.

How to Work Out Heinz Bet?

How to Work Out Heinz Bet?

A punter needs to work out a Heinz bet before placing the same at a bookmaker due to the higher risk involved. The primary calculations need to be with regard to the first six selections and their odds. The bookmaker will provide all possible combinations once a punter decides to go down this system. The doubles and trebles are capable of providing some nice returns, but the humongous wins are provided by the four and fivefold wins. Finally, the sixfold bet has the probability to provide even six-figure wins on a stake of just $1. It is one of the reasons behind popularity of Heinz 57 bet.

Heinz Bet Pros and Cons


  • The advantage of a multiple bet system increases with the number of multiple bets. In the case of the Heinz 57 bet, the punter can bask on 57 different bets combining to provide the chance to enjoy huge wins.
  • With the right selection of odds, a punter can manage even six or seven figure wins on a stake of just £1 on each selection – meaning a total of £57 in stake.
  • Few betting systems will be able to provide such returns.


  • The combination bets always require at least two or more events to be successful and Heinz in betting game is no different. The punter will be able to get away with just two selections being successful, but the major wins are available with four or more wins.
  • The stake in the case of the Heinz betting system is substantially higher than when going with singles. Hence, the overall risk is also higher and this betting system is primarily meant for the experienced punter.
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