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Accumulator Bets Explained: What Are They And How to Win Accumulator Bets

The accumulator bet is one of the popular betting systems employed by experienced punters in order to rake in some enormous payouts. This happens to be the system where it is quite feasible to win a huge sum of money especially when a couple of underdogs form part of the selection. Almost every popular bookmaker offers the option to bet accumulator type. The rewards can flow in great numbers if things manage to go the punter’s way.

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Football happens to be the popular sport where the accumulator bet is most effective. It is also the quite popular option for punters who bet on this sport. Let us consider the selection of four teams – Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus. The betting accumulators will provide a win only if all four selections manage a win. Each selection is treated on an individual basis with a stake. Even if one of the three selections ends up on the losing side, the entire bet does not pay.

Accumulator Bets Example

The accumulator odds is not a single entity as it involves four selections, which are all linked together. Hence, the punter stands to lose the entire bet even if one of the selections ends up on the losing side.

Let us consider an example for the fourfold accumulator in which a punter chooses to back those four teams – Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Juventus – to win the league title in their respective leagues. For the sake of easy calculation in this accumulator bet guide, let us assume that the odds provided by the bookmaker is at 2/1 for all selections and that the punter has used a £10 stake on all selections. This equates to a total stake of £40, as the accumulator bet involves treating each selection on an individual basis.

The bet accumulator will progress in order with Chelsea’s position being calculated. Once each selection results in a win, the accumulator adds £2 to the pay table and moves to the next pick. The process repeats itself until all four selections are decided. If all the selections are successful, the punter ends with a huge £810 return in the case of a fourfold accumulator. Yet, even if one of the selections – at any stage of the calculation process – loses, the entire £40 is lost.

How to Work Out Accumulator Odds

The primary reason for any punter to opt for the accumulator bet is to enhance the wins at the same odds. Let us assume a condition where the same teams are provided the following odds for success:

  • Chelsea (3/1)
  • Real Madrid (4/3)
  • Bayern Munich (8/11)
  • Juventus (10/11)

A punter puts a stake of £10 on each selection and they manage to come out successful. The returns would be as follows:

  • Chelsea (40)
  • Real Madrid (23.3)
  • Bayern Munich (17.27)
  • Juventus (19.09)

Now, this comes to a total returns of £99.66. The punter would have had the opportunity to win a huge sum of money if it was possible to work out accumulator odds and returns prior to placing a bet. The same £10 stake as an accumulator bet, if successful, would return a huge £307.7. Such is the incredible power within the fourfold accumulator odds.

How to Place an Accumulator Bet

How to Place an Accumulator Bet

The first major step before going on to place betting accumulators is to find the best bookmaker who will provide the top odds for every selection. As in the case of every betting system, the odds play the crucial role when it comes to deciding the size of rewards.

Hence, it is essential to find bookmakers who will provide the best odds for all four selections rather than just one or two. Many bookmakers do not have a dedicated section in order to place accumulator bets.

Instead, they would allow the punters to place the bets as they would normally. Once four selections have been made, the option of going with the accumulator route throws up. Selecting this option will activate the fourfold accumulator. In the latter stages, the punter will be able to confirm the selection. At the confirmation page, the punter will be able to take one final look at the various facets like risk and rewards before placing the bet.

Some bookmakers offer the opportunity to go with a draw no bet accumulator in order to improve the chances of success and avoid losses. Other forms of accumulator betting tips would also be available from most bookmakers.

How to Calculate Accumulator Odds

How to Calculate Accumulator Odds

It is necessary to calculate the accumulator odds before coming up with a bet. The easiest way to do this would be to multiply the stake with the odds in each selection. The task is made a little tough in the case of fractional odds, but they can be converted into decimal odds in a few seconds. It is also possible to calculate the odds even when they are just fractional odds.

In the above example involving four football teams, the calculation works out as follows:

£10 x 3.0 x 2.33 x 1.72 x 1.90 = £229

Each Way Accumulator Explained

The each way accumulator betting type happens to be a popular entity amongst experienced punters, who are all too aware about the possibility of losing money when it comes to multiple bets, which are high risk. Each Way option will be provided by bookmakers at the time of placing an accumulator bet, and this reduces the risk quite significantly.

This type of betting involves marking a selection as each way, and the punter stands to still bring in money if the selection does not win. The return will be at a much lower odds, which are specified by the bookmaker, and the returns of that specific selection will be at this figure – if it manages to meet the requirement of the place or position. The place or position information will be available while bet accumulator is set.

It should be remembered that each way option is not available for all events.

Let us consider the example of horse racing where the four selections are backed at odds of 2.0. While the returns from a fourfold accumulator on these odds would be huge, the punter only stands to succeed if all the four selections win.

However, if the bookmaker is offering each way odds of 1/5, the punter will be able to remain victorious even if a selection only manages to meet the placement requirement. Even though the returns will be lower, it is not as bad as losing the entire stake.

The each way bet does increase the stake, but it also safeguards the stake. OddsDigger's team now hopes that you know how to calculate accumulator odds. Good luck!

Patrick Cobb