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Goliath Bet Explained: Comprehensive Guide to Understand Everything

Goliath bet is a betting system that can provide huge returns even on a small stake. The system derives its name from the famous story in which David slays Goliath with just a stone sling. Even though this term has managed to find its way in every walk of life, it is especially more apt when it comes to betting. When a player opts for a Goliath in betting, they would be taking up a full cover bet with eight different selections. Multiple combinations of these eight selections will bring together 247 different bets.

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What Does Goliath Bet Mean in Betting?

The Goliath accumulator bet is a type of system where different permutations of eight selections are being rolled up into one bet. Due to the presence of several selections, this system combines 247 individual bets. They will include:

  • One eight-fold accumulator
  • 8 seven-fold bets
  • 28 six-fold bets
  • 56 fourfold bets
  • 70 trebles
  • 28 doubles

A £1 Goliath bet refers to a total stake of £247 since the stake on each line is multiplied so that it covers all the possible outcomes in this betting system. A punter can easily think about mammoth wins even on a small stake since there are so many lines on this system. Even a 10p stake on each line works out to a total of £24.7 in stake – making the Goliath bets far more reachable while also being rewarding at the same time.

Goliath Bet Example

Goliath Bet Example
The best possible application for the Goliath sportsbet may be in the field of horse racing, as most of the selections come with substantially long odds so that they are rewarding in such accumulator -type bets. In the case of a horse racing bet, the odds for each selection are likely to be around 4.0. In order to better explain this betting system in an easy manner, let us assume that each of the selection in this Goliath bet example comes with odds of 4.0.

The highlight of this system is the ability to deliver outstanding returns even on small stakes and mediocre odds on the selections. At the above odds, a 10p Goliath bet refers to a total stake of £24.7. However, this system would deliver a humongous £39,059 in returns, which would be simply impossible on any other betting system, if all eight selections managed to come out successful. The punter stands to make more than a decent return even if just four out of these selections win.

What Is a Goliath Bet Good for?

The stunning performance of the Goliath bet is down to the combinations, while the odds also play a reasonably important role – especially if only four or five selections managed to come out successful.

The several permutation and combination present in the system alone make it ideal for its use in all sports, but the most ideal happens to be horse racing. Here, an individual will be able to get excellent odds even when it comes to a selection rated as one of the favourites for the event. Opting for the selections that have a higher odds will pay off in the Goliath accumulator since all selections do not win often.

How Does a Goliath Bet Work?

Also known as the super Goliath bet, the system manages to achieve the incredible returns due to the large number of combination bets that make up the system. While there is no singles bet, all the focus goes towards the combination, which even extend towards the eight-fold accumulator. Here, all the eight selections have to be successful in order to provide returns but one can be sure that those returns would be humongous.

How Does My Goliath Bet Win?

The bookmaker takes selection of the super Goliath bet a separate manner in order to analyse the success or loss in any event. However, an individual has to get at least two selections winning in order to avoid a complete loss of the stake. While it is possible for the punter to register some kind of a profit even with just two successful selections, it takes huge odds in order to produce this win. Since there are no single bets in the system, only a single selection being successful at any odd will not be sufficient for producing a return.

How to Work Out a Goliath Bet?

The Goliath sportsbet can be worked out using several calculators available online. The primary calculation that needs to be worked out is the stake, and this calculation needs to be performed before the bet is placed. Since there are eight selections involved in the system, the overall stake is the product of the stake on each line being multiplied by eight. This substantially increments the stake to beyond the acceptable loss limits. The bet can be placed through the option available in the betting slip once eight selections are chosen.

If just one of the selection comes out successful, Goliath in betting condition is not met and the stake is lost completely. This is irrespective of odds on those selections. Due to the higher stake, it may not be possible to make a profit even if three selections end up being successful.

This is down to the presence of just 28 doubles bet. However, the system starts paying huge rewards in the case of five or more selections being successful. At odds of 4.0 for each selection, it may be possible to make four figure returns if six selections win.

The returns would approach close to £10,000 in returns if seven selections are successful, while the returns would exceed £30,000 if all selections are successful.

Goliath Bet Pros and Cons


  • The major advantage of this system is the ability to provide a humongous returns even on a relatively small stake.
  • Even if the punter is opting for a 10p Goliath bet, it is possible to achieve returns closer to £40,000.
  • Incredibly, this returns would be on a stake of just £24, making it more rewarding than many of the longest odds.
  • The risk on super Goliath bet can be reduced by going with each way bet, which reduces the risk of the bet for a marginal increase in the stake.


  • The lack of singles bet is one of the biggest negatives on this betting system. As a result, a selection – even with the longest odds – will not be able to provide a profit on its own. The 247 bets mean that the punter has to be extremely confident about the potential chances of success on each selection.
  • The Goliath bets each way further increase the stake, which would already be high due to each stake being multiplied by the total number of bets.
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