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Canadian Bet Explained: Learn Everything You Need to Know

The Canadian bet happens to be one of the full cover bet options available for punters. Along with the Trixie bet and Yankee bet, this happens to be a highly popular betting system for punters looking to get huge wins. This betting system involves five selections all being rolled into one huge bet.

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What Does Canadian Mean in Betting?

The Canadian bet is often seen as the next iteration of the Yankee bet, which is about four selections that are being rolled into 11 individual bets. The term Canadian refers to the situation where five selections are to be picked by the punter. Now, these five selections would be rolled up into 26 separate bets. Since it is much larger than the regular Yankee bet, this betting system is sometimes referred to as the Super Yankee bet.

The 26 individual bets comprise of one fivefold accumulator, five fourfold bets, 10 triple bets, and 10 double bets. The stake decided by the punter is applied to each of these individual bets. Hence, the total stake is multiplied by 26. Similar to other types of multiple bets, the Canadian bet type also requires a punter to come up with at least a couple of selections to be successful in order to get returns from the bet.

Canadian Bet Example

Canadian Bet Example
For the sake of an example for the Canadian bet, let us take the case of five teams – A, B, C, D, and E – in football. A punter is confident of all these five teams succeeding in their respective games during the weekend.

For the sake of easy calculation, let us consider that the bookmaker is offering similar odds of 4/1 for the success of each team. Now, let us also consider that the punter is coming with a stake of £1 on the Canadian 26 bet. Now, the total stake becomes £26 when applied individually to every bet that is part of the system.

If just one of the selections manages to win, the punter stands to lose the entire £26 stake since there are no single bets in this system. The punter stands to make some kind of a return – or at least a return of the stake – only if two of the five selections are successful. In this instance, though, the punter would be looking at a loss of £1 since only £25 would be returned. In order to make a profit even if just two selections are successful, the odds of these two selections need to be longer.

This super Yankee betting system starts rewarding in a significant way if three or more selections are successful. In this example, the punter would be looking at a cool £200 in return and £175 in profit. This is due to the success of the treble bet and three of the double bets. Even higher returns can be provided by the fourfold and fivefold accumulators.

If the punter manages to get all selections right at these odds, they would be looking at a whopping £7,750 in returns on a stake of just £26. The power of this Canadian bet type is apparent in such a situation.

What is a Canadian Bet Good for?

The Canadian bet is highly popular in sports like horse racing and football. It is most suitable in the former, as it often has the longer odds even for the favourites. Since longer odds are absolutely essential in order to succeed in this betting system even with two successful selections, punters often choose the Canadian bet type for the horse racing events. In a scenario where the punter expects at least three of the five to win, odds of 2/1 would be able to provide returns.

If a punter is looking at odds of more than 5/1, it is possible to make handsome returns even with two successful selections.

In terms of football, the best applications for this bet would be the markets like correct score, both teams to score, and draw prediction – as they offer the longer odds.

How Does a Canadian Bet Work?

How Does a Canadian Bet Work?
The Canadian bet is a full cover bet that has multiple combinations of five different selections so as to provide a huge win to the punter in the best case scenario. This betting system includes doubles, triples, fourfold, and fivefold bets all rolled into one. The stake placed on one bet is applied to the rest of the bets, which are 26 in number. Any punter looking to go down the road of the super Yankee betting system will have to take into consideration about the size of the stake.

Once the bet gets underway, the success of each selection is analysed one by one. Since there are no singles bets, this system needs to have at least two selections successful in order to provide returns. Even if one of the selection is not successful, the fivefold accumulator – capable of providing the biggest wins – goes out of the window. Similarly, each bet is ruled out at one stage depending on the success or failure of a selection. Finally, the returns are calculated.

How Does My Canadian Win?

The success of the Canadian 26 bet depends on the length of the odds. Even shorter odds used in the system will not provide handsome returns. In fact, they would increase the risk for the punter. The system is most effective when the longer odds are used. If only two selections with odds of 10/1 are successful, this betting system would still be able to return a whopping £95 in profits.

How to Work Out Canadian Bet?

Punters need to work out the super Yankee bet before placing the bet, as the stake increases considerably compared to a standard single bet. Furthermore, two or more selections need to be successful in order to provide a return.

The first calculation required is that of the odds, which need to be sufficiently long enough to provide returns even with two successful selections. A punter also has to calculate the quality of succeeding in the treble, fourfold, or fivefold bets, as they have the potential to yield big wins.

Canadian Bet Pros and Cons


  • The Canadian 26 bet can provide huge wins – on sufficiently long odds – even with just two or three selections being successful.
  • However, it is possible to win even in the four figure sums if all five selections in the being successful.
  • The enormous payouts are one of the biggest advantages of this system.


  • Since there are no single bets in this super Yankee bet system, a punter needs to be have utmost confidence in the selections.
  • All events are provided in combinations and this can significantly drop the returns depending on the odds.
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