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The Yankee Bet Explained: How To and Examples

The Yankee bet is where punters come in with a combination of bets in one go. A multi-bet accumulator allows the punter to group together a string of 11 bets at the same time. The complexity of this bet means that newcomers will find it difficult to make money without fully understanding the different facets of betting Yankee style.

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What Is Yankee Bet?

A punter will have to make four selections which will include a total of 11 bets. These multiple bet systems will encompass 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and a Fourfold accumulator. Thus, it happens to be a highly complex system that can be hugely rewarding if the punter manages to get most of the bets right.

Yankee Bet Explained


The cost of the Yankees is an attractive element. Since there are multiple bets involved, the risk is much higher. However, the returns could be mammoth – especially if the punter gets most of the predictions right. The £1 Yankee is used to denote the bet value, but it comprises of a £1 bet on each selection thus translating into a total of £11.


The total cost of the bet will double if it is each way bet rather than a single way bet. All forms of double, triple, and straight accumulator markets are covered through this means. Even if three of the selections and upon the losing side, it is still possible to see profits due to the presence of four selections.


Variations of Yankee Bet with Win Only or Each-Way Options

There are two ways to access this betting system and make it much more profitable – win only or each-way. The first selection will cost you £11 in stake. However, this option is recommended only if the four outcomes are available at short odds. If the punter is going for options that have longer odds, it is advisable to further each way Yankee betting system. Even though the overall cost of the 11 bets doubles to £22, there is a greater chance of hitting a huge prize even if just one of the bets succeed.


Yankee Betting Explained with An Example

This happens to be an extremely popular form of betting amongst the experienced punters keen to exploit the football, horse racing, or any other sport market being offered by the bookmaker. For example, we will be taking horse racing into consideration. The 4 doubles can be with four horses – Thistlecrack, Yanworth, Djakadam, and Clan Des Obeaux. Let us assume that the odds for their success in four different races at Cheltenham is 2.0 or 2/1. Betting on these four horses in Yankee type will see each receiving a £1 bet. As a result, the size of the stake is £11.


  • If Clan Des Obeaux is the only winner of the three, the punter does not stand to make any money out of Yankee bets.
  • If Clan Des Obeaux manages to succeed alongside Thistlecrack, even this may not be enough to make a profit due to the losses incurred from the lack of success in the other two bets. Even though the total of the two victories returns £4, the loss in the other two bets is greater.
  • However, if Thistlecrack, Clan Des Obeaux, and Yanworth manage to hit the targets, it results in a cool a £20 return. While this may not seem excessive, the 6 trebles or the accumulator has the potential to bring up some cool victories.
  • The biggest wins will be created by all four bets succeeding. In such a case, the punter is looking at a grand total of £74. However, the odds taken for our example are substantially lower than the usual figures of around 10.0. If indeed the punter manages to win the accumulator bet at 10.0, it would result in a humongous £14,600 victory. Such is the power of the accumulated bets through the system.


Variations of Yankee Bets


  • Patent – Three Legs: this type of wager involves three selections and four separate bets. The minimum cost would be £4 at £1 per bet.
  • Yankee – Four Legs: this is the commonly used betting system where there are four selections across 11 bets. As seen, the minimum cost in this total of 11 bets will be £11.
  • Canadian – Five Legs: this comes with the highest category of risk and returns, as it comprises of five selections and 26 separate bets. The minimum cost rises to £26.


Yankee Betting Tips and Strategies

It is possible to lay betting through this format on several sports, punters often prefer football and horse racing. In terms of the former, one will find that the best online bookmakers provide numerous markets to bet upon. Yet, those with expert knowledge on this type of betting seem to prefer only the straight match odds rather than the markets like half-time/full-time, both teams scoring, or score casts.


In terms of horseracing, it is ideal to pick their favourites, who also seem to have the shortest odds, for an event. If the strategy is to go with an underdog, it is essential to spot the longer odds that will provide huge wins. Impulsive bets must be avoided when it comes to this form of betting, as the risk is higher due to the increased levels of stake.


Higher Odds and Payouts

The payout in terms of Yankee betting can be quite varied, as it depends on the type of odds. If the punter decides to go with longer odds on all four selections, then it may present the opportunity to win a huge reward. However, experts who recommend bookmakers for Yankee betting also suggest going with the ideal risk to reward ratio so as to avoid huge losses.


Getting the success in one quad bet will lead to higher payouts, but the mammoth wins are possible only with higher odds. There are several ways to calculate the returns before coming entering into the event betting. Even in terms of Yankee betting, it will be rewarding to shop around for the best odds.

Jonathan Nixon