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Trixie Bet Explained: OddsDigger's Hands-on Guide

Trixie bet happens to be a popular option for experienced punters who want to maximise the returns by wagering on different entities at the same time. It is one of the several different types of betting where punters can place multiple selections in order to increase the returns. Punters need to be extra confident when it comes to opting for the Trixie betting type, as most of selections have to succeed in order to at least return the stake.

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What Is a Trixie Bet?

Bookmakers provide higher returns when punters combine the odds of different selections into one bet. This type of system comprises of four bets which are made on three selections. These picks would be to back different events. This type of betting system includes three double bets and one treble bet. In order to have a winning combination, at least two selections have to be successful so that a punter can have a return from the bet.

The popular application of this system would be in horse racing, but it is also likely that bookmakers will provide opportunity to use this full cover bet system on other sports like football. There are plenty of full cover betting systems, and Trixie acts as a predecessor to the patent betting system.

The biggest advantage over patent bet is the use of multiples rather than single bets. In fact, it is now clear that this betting system does not have any singles.

Trixie Bet Example

A Trixie bet example is an ideal way to understand this type of betting system due to the numerous numbers involved. Let us consider the example where a punter makes three selections – each at odds of 2/1. Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal are backed for a win at these odds.

In order to secure any return from this bet, the punter will to witness at least two of his selections manage a success during his endeavour to win a Trixie bet. A stake of £10 is taken into account, and this translates into a total stake of £40 since Trixie bet considers each selection with a separate stake.

Now, a £10 stake used in this system might yield a whopping £500 in profits and with a total return of £540. A major chunk of those winnings come from the treble bet alone, as the maker will be paying out £270 in this bet. Incredibly, these selections would have returned only £90 if it was three single bets.

What Is Trixie Bet Good For?

The Trixie bet system is ideal for a punter who is extremely confident about selections being successful. Yet, the punter is not witnessing the same kind of backing from the bookmakers on the single bets. In such an instance, the betting system has the potential to multiply returns several fold since it is an accumulator bet.

Even though the risks are considerably higher, the returns far outweigh the risks. One of the few disadvantages of this system may be the total stake rises fourfold. As a result, this bet is ideally good for a punter who has a lot of experience.

Horse racing happens to be the most popular sport for using a Trixie bet. This is largely due to the higher odds available for each selection. Yet, it is also applicable for other sports where higher odds are available, and any Trixie bet example would show this.

Generally, a Trixie bet can be highly rewarding if the odds are above 2/1. Only in such a scenario does the player have the ability to get the full stake back even if at least two of the selections win. Odds lower than 2/1 will not be able to provide the same kind of returns.

Even though horse racing is the popular option for a punter looking to go down the road of Trixie bet, football punters also do consider this system as an ideal selection when it comes to markets like total goals, both teams scoring, and Asian handicap numbers. Once again, backing the selections that have even odds is recommended when it comes to this betting system.

How Does a Trixie Bet Work?

Trixie meaning for a bet is the presence of several accumulators in a single bet. Even though the punter will be choosing three individual selections, the bookmakers will provide multiple betting options by unifying them as one wager. Once included under this betting system, the punter does not get to enjoy single bets. Instead, there will be three double bets and one treble bet that will try to provide the returns.

The treble bet alone has the potential to provide significant wins, so this is pretty much the trixie bet system.

How Does My Trixie Win?

The Trixie bet consists of three doubles and one treble. The victory to the punter comes when all selections manage to succeed. In this case, the combination of three doubles and one treble is used to calculate the return.

However, only one double bet will provide the returns if one of the three selections fails to succeed. Let us consider that a punter is banking on three horses A, B, and C to win their respective races. In the scenario when A, B, and C all register a win, the returns would be completed as follows:

  • Double bet on A & B
  • Double bet on A & C
  • Double bet on B & C
  • Treble bet on A, B, & C

Hence, only one permutation is activated even if one of the horses fails to win the selection. Even then, this full cover bet has the ability to provide returns to the player – if the punter has been careful in selecting the odds. It is recommended to choose odds above 2/1 when it comes to using this betting system.

How to Place a Trixie Bet?

Almost every popular bookmakers will provide the opportunity to place a Trixie bet. In order to start the process, the punter must choose three selections that they consider as likely candidates to succeed in the betting market. In the case of horse racing, a punter can choose the three horses which can win in their respective events. Now, the punter must add the selections to the betting slip.

Often, there is no separate section in order to place a Trixie bet. If the bookmakers senses that three selections have been made, it would automatically – more often than not – open up the option of a Trixie.

The punter has to choose this option along with the stake that they feel most comfortable with. Here, it is possible to select the each-way Trixie so as to cover the bet in case one of the selections do not win but could at least manage a placement. Now, the punter is ready to place the Trixie bet.

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