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Patent Bet Explained: What is A Patent Bet & More Key Info

Patent bet is a type of combination betting system where punters rely on several permutations and combinations in order to succeed. In recent years, this type of betting system has become extremely popular – especially in horse racing – due to the possibilities of huge wins even on small stakes. This type of betting system comes under the category of a full cover bet, and it includes all forms of betting like doubles, trebles, and other accumulators.

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What Is a Patent Bet?

Patent betting refers to the system where a punter is looking to bring together multiple selections with varying odds under one roof. This kind of betting system carries a lot of risk, but there are several allowances that make it possible for these bets to return the stake just like in the case of every other full coverage bets. The patent betting is similar to that of a Trixie bet, which also involve multiple bets as one entity along with a range of permutation and combinations.

The Trixie bet involves three selections with three doubles and one treble. The patent betting comes with a similar combination but with the added advantage of three singles. As a result, it has the ability to assure some kind of a return to the punter.

Patent Bet Example

The first thing about a patent bet is the availability of different betting combinations. The punter will have to understand that they will be making seven different bets as part of the system. This causes a direct increase in the size of the stake. If the punter had originally intended to have a stake of £7, then opting for the patent type of betting will see each bet receive a stake of £1 rather than a single bet with a stake of £7.

For the sake of a patent bet example, let us consider the situation where a punter is betting on the selections – Chelsea, Juventus, and Real Madrid. If the bet is on each team to win their games in a weekend, let us assume that the odds are at 2/1. These are the individual odds for each selection, and it will be spread over a combination of seven separate bets as follows:

  • Double bets – Chelsea & Juventus, Chelsea & Real Madrid, Juventus & Real Madrid
  • One treble – Chelsea, Juventus, & Real Madrid
  • Single bets – Chelsea, Juventus, and Real Madrid

The key aspect in this bet system is the availability of single bets which are not dependent on the other two results. Hence, this system has the advantage of a Trixie bet while also safeguarding a portion of the stake.

At the same time, even a loss in one of the three selections would severely affect the overall returns from the wager. Even then, the returns would be significantly higher in the patent bet to what a punter would have made if those bets were made as regular single bets.

What Is a Patent Bet Good For?

The patent bet is ideal for horse racing, as the odds on each selection is likely to be substantially higher than in terms of other sports. In horse racing, it would be common to see even the favourite horses backed at more than 3/1. The strength of the returns will be amplified in such cases while using the patent betting system. In short, horse racing patent is highly popular due to the long odds offered by bookmakers in this sport.

This system has been growing in popularity amongst other experienced punters even for other sports like football. However, games that involve favourite teams often witness extremely low odds for them to make a strong case for the patent betting system.

It is recommended to opt for markets like both teams to score or total goals when it comes to football patent betting. These markets attract better odds compared to the 1X2 market.

Horse racing, though, remains as one of the effective sports for the system.

How Does a Patent Bet Work?

The patent bet works on the principle of permutation and combination. There are three double bets, one treble bet, and three more single bets that form the system. Since these bets are treated individually by the bookmaker, any stake placed gets multiplied by seven.

Hence, if a punter is coming to place as a stake of £5 through the patent bet system, then the total amount comes to £35. It is extremely important to size the bet, while there are several ways to work out a patent bet in order to find its risk to reward ratio.

The punter needs at least two selections in order to produce a return. The presence of three single bets this reduced the risk factor compared with other accumulator type betting systems. Even then, a loss on one selection could result in the significant reduction of returns, as this would mean that the treble bet had failed to provide the returns.

One of the ways to ensure higher degree of success is to go with the each way patent bet. This allows the player to receive a fraction of the odds if the selection manages to get placed within a predefined position at the very least.

How Does My Patent Win?

The success of the patent bet is taken one selection at a time. Only if the selection is successful does the bet move on to the next level. If the selection is not successful, the stake is lost for that particular bet. In the event of a treble bet with Chelsea, Juventus, and Real Madrid, the Juventus selection is analysed only if the Chelsea selection was successful. The three singles in the patent bet will be the most simple of them all as just a single selection determines the success of the bet.

Punters may often go each way patent primarily to protect the treble and double bets in the event of the selection failing to win. Under the each way selection, the selection will still produce a return – although at much lower odds – in order to keep the bet going.

How to Place a Patent Bet?

Each bookmaker will provide the opportunity to make multiple selections. Once when there are three selections in the betting slip, players will receive the option of going with a patent bet. Here, the punter is allowed to pick the stake that they would be most comfortable with. The punter will also be able to choose the each way option here.

The growing popularity of this betting system means that it is available on almost every popular sport like football and horse racing. Use our patent bet info now and get started with betting at OddsDigger!

Jonathan Nixon