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Horse Racing Betting Explained

Horse racing enjoys a lot of popularity around the world, but it is also one of the complex sports for a newcomer. There is often a lot to learn in terms of the phrases, which are commonly used in the sport. This extends even to the world of horse racing betting. Beginners need to learn several aspects like how to bet on horses before entering into this world.

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Explaining the Basics of the Horse Racing Betting

The world of horse racing betting can appear to be a complex place of numbers and terminologies, but it can increase the excitement of each race while also providing punters with the chance to make some money on the race. Those who are keen on learning on how to pick horses to bet on the UK and worldwide races need to be aware of how does this type of betting work.

Bookmakers offer the possibility to place bets on horse races across the world. Apart from just being able to predict the winner of the race, the punter can also be allowed to choose the other positions too. A punter will have to carefully analyse aspects like a recent form of the horse, trainer, and jockey in order to determine if the horse can be successful in a specific event. The professional horse racing betting tips are likely to take into account other factors in the success of a wager; they can be the track conditions or even the number of days of rest for a horse. Bets explained by professional tipsters are always more effective than the average.

Horse Racing Betting Tips and Racing Events You Can Bet On

Bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on various racing events that take place across the world. Once beginners get beyond the stage of horse racing odds explained, they can be introduced into the world of the various events that take place around the world. Flat and National Hunt races are the most popular forms of horse racing. Both occur throughout the year in the United Kingdom and each has their own top races. The likes of the Grand NationalCheltenham Festival, and Royal Ascot Meeting are incredibly popular races.

However, it is also possible to bet on the minor events. Even the Class 6 races are covered by the bookmakers. As a result, punters have the opportunity to bet on races almost throughout the year. Apart from the races that take place in the United Kingdom, punters can go global and bet on the basis that takes place around the world. There are several popular events around the world like the Dubai World Cup.

Use the Head-to-Head Strategy

For beginners in the horse racing betting scene, we recommend a sports betting strategy based on head-to-head stats. This approach boasts a decisive advantage for beginners. As the name "head to head" already expresses, only two starters are evaluated against each other. The betting strategy has the advantage that only the performance of two horses can be estimated. All other riders remain outside. The head-to-head tips are played as a classic two-way betting market, so the mathematical risk is limited to the minimum.

Don't Forget About Financial Planning

The right horse betting strategy must be linked to a financial betting plan. We recommend betting on the stake system at this point. We want to explain this to you in an outright victory bet more precisely. The highest amounts are wagered on the favourites with the lowest odds. The odds should be between 1/4 and 1/1. A maximum of ten percent of your betting should be played on one pot. If you want to bet on a maiden in the extended favourite list, a stake between 1/2 and 7/10 is recommended, depending on the odds and the success. In this area, the most valuable profit opportunities are available, provided you have some positive background information about the horses and jockey.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Most bookmakers nowadays provide unique opportunities for punters. It would be such a shame not to mention this in our horse racing betting guide. Check multiple bookies' offers and see if they provide great bonuses when betting on horses. Maybe some of them offer great deposit bonuses, while others give you free bets. You never know until you do your research.

Racing Betting Markets & Bet Types Explained

visitors at the racecourse: choose the betting market that is right for you

Learning about the different racing betting markets is often a key factor behind the success of a punter who is learning on how to bet on horses and win. Earlier, the majority of the options available for a punter happened to be betting on the winner. Now, there is a huge selection of markets when it comes to horse races. Starting from being able to bet on the favourite on each way, punters can also go with multiple selections in a single bet. Also known as the accumulator bets, they allow punters to bet on horses on different races. Due to the significant number of permutations and combinations involved, it is possible to achieve huge wins using the accumulator bets.

Rather than being a risky affair unlike in the past, going with markets like the horse to finish in the specific place, betting without a favourite, favourite against the rest of the field, horse to achieve place, and horse not to achieve place are some of the different options.

Even here, it is possible to separate the bookmakers in terms of the number of betting markets offered. Expert horse racing betting explained for newcomers will show that there are bookmakers who tend to provide even 10 markets with regard to horse racing betting. Some of the best names in this regard happen to be Bet365, who offer more than nine markets on most of the races. William Hill are capable of boasting up to eight markets on the various races around the world. Whatever you choose, know that an odds chart might be helpful.

Early Prices and Starting Prices

The bookmakers often provide the early prices when it comes to races that take place in the UK and Ireland. How to bet on horses, the UK has in the locker, is one of the key requirements for a new punter, and the chances of success are enhanced by the availability of the starting and early prices. The early prices are available one day before the start of the race in the afternoon. Bookmakers often provide the guarantee of best price if the starting price happens to be better than the early price.

Searching for value is one of the key areas defined by this horse racing betting guide and this is made possible by the early prices. Here, a punter can look around for the best prices in order to beat the bookies.

Since there are several lines with regard to each event, this can be a useful way to find the top price. It is also helpful in identifying the potential horses, which are likely to win the race. The information regarding the early prices will be available in almost every odds calculator. The best value has been found, the punter is successfully close to making the best possible money if the selection is successful.

Horse at the race

Ante-Post Betting Explained

The ante-post betting is often recommended for those looking for how to bet on horse racing and win. This type of betting involves placing money on a selection well in advance. The odds for an event to become available a long time before the event actually starts. Even though this is largely applicable in the case of the top events like Ascot or Cheltenham, it is still a great way to provide a shopping window for the punters.

The punters can try to secure odds, which are significantly better than the starting price which will be announced just before the event. However, this type of betting involves a lot of risks as there is a significant possibility of losing the entire stake. There is the risk of injury to the horse selected to win the race. However, ante-post betting happens to be one of the horse racing betting terms explained here since bookmakers have started providing a return of the stake if the selection happens to be a non-runner. Even though it is available only for the biggest races it is a substantial move that has made ante-post betting even more attractive.

In-Running Betting

The advancement in technology makes it possible for punters to go with a dynamic form of bets on horse racing. Similar to a live play bet on a football match, the in-running type of betting sees the odds for a horse change dramatically over the course of the race. They might often result in producing excellent returns to the punter, but they require a huge amount of experience in order to come out successful.

The skills required for succeeding at in-running betting are the ability to make fast and prudent decisions, while also managing to possess plenty of knowledge about the sport.

Rule 4 Deductions

All the punts being placed by the punter are now under the rule four deductions. This is done in order to protect the bookies should a favourite, who has been priced short, pull out of the event just before the start. A bookmaker will provide the detailed information about the various rules that apply to the deduction. When learning how to bet on horses, it's important to know this rule.

horses going head-to-head

Special Bets

Often, bookmakers provide certain special bets, which are even long-term in nature. For example, punters will be able to bet on the Jockeys’ Championship or the Trainers’ Championship. There are also numerous options available in the daily markets too. These special bets may also focus on the total number of favourites that manage to win at a meeting.

As the punter becomes more experienced, they can even enter into the world of betting on winning distances and the total starting prices. Considering the high-risk nature of this bet, it is possible that some bookmakers provide refunds when it comes to National Hunt races as they will still pay out in the case of a disqualified horse.

The televised races often get the maximum visibility and price boast.

Strategy of the Multiple Betting

Multiple betting is seen as one of the riskiest forms of betting on horse races, but it can be hugely rewarding. The accumulator bets will be able to provide substantial wins even on a small stake. A strategy can be adopted in order to reduce the losses. One of the effective strategies in the case of Lucky 15 happens to be avoiding four selections, which all happen to have a short price to start with. Keep reading our horse racing betting tips to find out more.

The Lucky 15 happens to be a great option for a punter who needs to get a profit on at least one selection but has also decided to go with four extra points compared to a Yankee bet. Hence, the odds of at least 3-1 are required to cover up the additional stake. This likewise increases to a 4-1 for the Lucky 31 bet and goes up to 5-1 for the Lucky 63 bet.

If a punter fancies a couple of selections, they would be receiving a far better return if their selections are made in the form of an accumulator bet than in single bets. One of the best strategies is to keep a portion of the total outlay for multiple bets. Doing so will help profit from at least two or three winners, who are capable of making the accumulator bet a huge success.

Each Way Betting

The each way bet is all about placing two punts on one horse. Half of the stake goes to the selection being successful and half is to the selection being placed. In order to go with each way betting, the race must have at least five runners. Now, the each way bet pays the full amount if the selection finishes first, but it can only provide:

  • 1/4 of odds for a second place amongst 5 to 7 runners
  • 1/5 of odds for up to third place alongside 8 or more runners
  • 1/4 of odds in case of a handicap race
  • 1/4 of odds for the first three places when the runners are 12 to 15
  • 1/4 of odds for top four finish amongst 16 or more runners.

It is even possible to come across each way bets that pay for as low as fifth or sixth places.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Horses

horse races offer great betting opportunities

There may be a lot of bookmakers today, but a handful of names manage to excel when it comes to horse racing betting options. After having learnt how to bet on horse racing, punters need to choose the best bookmaker. This is not dependent on the bonus alone. Bookmakers often provide a healthy list of bonuses that range from free bets to cash backs. Some of the top bookmakers when it comes to horse racing betting happen to be Betfair, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, and Betway.

Apart from getting the bonuses available from the bookmaker, it is also imperative to look at the variety of markets being offered on the events. Odds comparison sites, like OddsDigger, will also be able to provide information about the different odds by bookmakers at the same time. That is a place to search for the great insight into the odds being offered.

A handful of bookmakers often tend to rank high in terms of the prices. Bet365, Betway, William Hill, and Sky Bet are consistently found to rank higher in terms of offering good prices to the punters. Once the punter has learnt how to bet on horses and win UK races, they will start to appreciate the importance of choosing the top bookmakers in terms of prices, bonuses, and markets.


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